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25 February 2022
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25 February 2022

Here’s Why You Should Consider Sheer Window Treatments in Your Space

Growing up, no matter what kind of mood I was in, my grandma’s house was always my favorite place to be. Regardless of what was going on outside, the inside of her ranch style home always felt warm, cozy, and full of light; in fact, it’s still a source of inspiration and comfort for me to this day. Now, I realize that every decor choice she made, from the furniture down to the window treatments, all contribute to what makes her house feel so happy.

When my grandma finds something that works decoratively for her, she really runs with it. Recently, I took a look around her house and realized she has the same exact treatment on every single window in every single room — a set of white sheer curtains. “When I bought this house over a decade ago, I gravitated toward the sheers because they create a sense of privacy without sacrificing any sunlight,” she says. The sheers are just thick enough to prevent anyone from seeing inside the house, but they never need to be moved or tied back to let light in. You can buy them in a bunch of sizes, and best of all, because they’re relatively thin, they tend to be fairly inexpensive.

While the sheer panels provide a functional base on each of her windows, my grandmother also wanted a way to reinforce her warm palette and add a pop of pattern in certain spots throughout her home. On the patio window in the dining room, for example, she paired the white sheers with striped silk panels and a matching valence, which complement the wall’s soft sunset orange shade. This combo brought color and personality to the room, but the sheers still help her maintain the convenience of not having to open and close the window off with the drapery each day. “The sheers are sort of wispy, too,” my grandma says. “So they keep the room light and airy, instead of dramatic or heavy like a set of thicker curtains can be.”

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to brighten up a smaller place or soak up the sun in your home without letting your neighbors into all of your business, sheers might be the solution. While these sorts of curtains might seem a little old-school, they’re simple and neutral enough to incorporate into any design style. “A home, any home, should reflect its resident to the core,” my grandma says. “So for me, I want my home to reflect my style and my energy. That’s always been bright, warm, and welcoming. So I let the light in!”

Savannah West

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