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7 Traditional Farm Houses Editors Love From the AD Archive



When a homeowner couple with a passion for classic Americana wanted a new build, architect Patrick J. Burke delivered an 18th-century-style clapboard house, accompanied by a fieldstone guest barn which “gave it a true farm feeling,” as Burke explained to Architectural Digest in the home’s June 2008 feature. The two different styles give the compound the sense that it was built up over time—perfect for a couple who favor the age-worn. That being said, the architect added details that tied the structures together. For instance, he used the stone from the barn’s façade in a gable end on the primary structure. Stylewise, the property certainly passes as something from a century or three prior, but its abundance of windows speaks to more contemporary tastes, offering much more light inside than an untouched 18th-century farm house likely would.

Architectural Digest, June 2005

Durston Saylor

A picturesque paddock view

When Calvin Klein cofounder Barry K. Schwartz and his wife Sheryl decided to make their 750-acre thoroughbred horse farm their primary residence, an overhaul was in order. Stonewall Farm had a farm house, but it was too small for their purposes. They hired architect Rebecca Rasmussen to craft a farm house for the New York property that would be fitting for a Kentucky horse farm, and ended up with a grand 26,000-square-foot Colonial-style residence. “The Schwartzes wanted a more traditional house on the outside, but inside they wanted it to be eclectic,” Kelly Hoppen explained to Architectural Digest in the home’s June 2005 feature. The home is set on a rise, offering a picturesque view of the small pond and horse paddocks.


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