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16 Extension Cords and Power Strips You’ll Actually Like Looking At From Across the Room | Architectural Digest


After living in prewar Brooklyn apartments for five years with a single plug in each room, extension cords and power strips have become a vital resource in order to make the space functional. With every gadget in the house needing to be plugged in and charged up, the two standard sockets just aren’t cutting it anymore—especially when said power sources are more than a 3.3-feet Apple cable away. 

In high-use areas around the desk, bed, and couch, the power strip and extension cords can be permanent fixtures in the space, so why not make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible? Below, I’ve rounded up 16 of the most decorative extension cords and power strips that will make having wires and plugs out in the open a statement that’s not an eyesore.

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