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15 Pink Bedrooms – Pink Bedroom Decor


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Pink has been a popular home color for years, but only recently has it become a popular color for bedrooms. While blue bedrooms get all the credit for inspiring better sleep, pink bedrooms have historically had strong youthful and nursery-like connotations. Now, we know that even an adult bedroom can be totally chic with the addition of pink elements.

With the right mix of furnishings—and the right shade of pink—a bedroom can lean into blush, peach, and even bubblegum tones while still looking sophisticated, modern, and even boho, if that’s more your speed. And that’s not all; when done properly, pink can add just the right touch of romance to your most private space. 

The key to incorporating this fun color into your bedroom setup is to play with different textures and contrasting furnishings. If you’re trying to go subtle for your pink bedroom, stick to accents like throw pillows, lampshades, and bed skirts. Combining soft pinks with grays and whites will yield a serene, classic bedroom scheme. Ready to make a strong statement? Then consider a bold pink carpet or a neon pink bed frame. Styling a bedroom with neon pops of pink, mixed with other strong, saturated shades, will create a rest zone that’s full of personality and good energy. Whatever route you choose, these 19 spaces will show you all the ways you can make a bedroom pretty in pink.

This pink bedroom from @lagirl310 combines a pretty blush pink paint color with black and white animal prints for a look that’s both exotic and old-world Hollywood elegant at the same time. 

We love how the flirty pink hue on the wall in this bedroom by works perfectly with the natural wood tones of the furniture and the green of the house plants. Such a serene and pretty space. 

A super subtle pink color on the walls blends beautifully with a variety of pink and neutral bedding. Here, @elle_the_home_bird has combined a pink and green floral pillow sham with a light pink blanket and a blush decorative throw pillow. The combination is elegant yet interesting. 

4. Grown-up Girl’s Room

You’d never know upon first glance that this tastefully elegant pink bedroom by @designsatno16 is for a young girl. It’s a grown-up version of a baby-pink little girls’ room for sure. We love how the blue and white chair coordinate with the throw pillows. 

If you’re going for a slightly more saturated but retro look for your pink bedroom, try this fun 1970’s color combo that interior designer Kara Thomas used in her LA bedroom makeover. The contrast of the salmon pink walls and green velvet headboard helps bring visual interest to the room, while the dark nightstands ground the space a bit to keep it from feeling too jarring. Hung right above the tall headboard, a trio of colorful, Pop Art style pill prints is the perfect finishing touch.

6. Roll out the pink carpet

Let an overdyed pink area rug be the focal point in your bedroom. The key to styling a bedroom with a saturated, vintage look carpet like this is keeping everything else in the room light, bright, and simple—plain wood furniture, white bedding, and white walls. If you have an empty corner though, don’t be afraid to add a pink loveseat and ottoman to the mix—extra credit if it matches your rug perfectly, as in this setup.

Go bold or go home. Embrace a pink bedroom by going all out with your walls and bedding, as seen in this eclectic UK home. The key to keeping the room from feeling like a pink abyss is playing with texture and shades. If you want to incorporate other colors, greens and natural woods work well with pretty much any pink tone.

Hanging a bright fuchsia painting above your bed is an unexpected way to introduce a fun, graphic element to your sleep space. Keep things in balance with neutral walls and white bedding, as this Austin renter did. To top it off, pair your artwork with an equally bold lumbar pillow and a patterned throw.

An easy way to bring pink into your bedroom is by swapping out a neutral lampshade for a jewel tone pink design, especially one with a unique shape. Incorporate neutral elements like rattan and floral bedding for a boho effect, like Emily Henderson did in this bedroom setup that still feels current, even though it’s a few years old.

The contrast of the wooden dresser with a black and white area rug makes this Australian bedroom feel fresh and modern—you barely even notice that there’s a pink accent chair in the foreground because the shade is so subtle. An oversized lumbar pillow quietly echoes the blush color of the chair, as does a second geometric rug that anchors this pretty little reading spot.

Painting a pale pink accent wall in your bedroom is an easy way to turn up the volume, albeit slightly, on an all white and cream decor scheme, as seen in this bedroom setup. Add in natural touches like plants, a woven wall hanging, and a cross-hatched headboard to give your bedroom a little bit of extra texture and personality.

12. Pink linens and things

Pink bedding might seem a little youthful, but when you pair it with soft grays and taupes, it’ll feel sophisticated and grown up, as seen in this bedroom from down under. This kind of soft color combo makes a bedroom feel serene, perfect for a sound night’s sleep. Even the art work, nightstands, and bedside lamps all adhere to the same palette, which creates a calming cohesiveness.

A fun way to go pink in the bedroom and make a statement on your walls is with a bold floral wallpaper. The pretty coral background in this oversized chrysanthemum pattern is sweet without being too saccharine, while mint green stems keep the design from falling flat.

The pale pink walls of this NYC bedroom make for a perfect backdrop for black furniture and lighting fixtures. The sleek, dark pieces pop against the soft pink, adding drama with an economy of furnishings. A few plants round out the look, proving you don’t have to fill your space with excess items for that warm, homey feeling.

Try going with a peachy shade of pink for your walls, which sometimes feels a little more fresh and modern than blush. Play up this decorative choice with warm wood furniture and hits of gray and blue in particular, the latter of which is a complementary color to peach.

Forgo a traditional headboard for a statement piece of funky pink decor like the Bend Goods modular wall hanging above artist Molly Hatch’s bed. Mauve Euro pillows bridge the gap between different shades of pink used elsewhere in the room—and also provide a little bit of support for reading in bed.

Searching for an eye-catching hue that can energize you during the day—and create a cocoon-like effect at night? A peppy pink, as seen in this Brooklyn bedroom, might be just what your walls need. This renter rounded out her room with equally bright bedding, but you could create a little more visual balance with a duvet in a crisp white or ground the look with something in dark navy.

One easy way to work pops of pink into your bedroom without making the space feel overly juvenile is through textiles, especially pillows. In this bedroom, pink sleeping pillowcases add just a hint of color to more neutral bedding. If you want to play up the pillows’ color, add a coordinating throw to the foot of the bed.

Like a refreshing sherbet, a pastel comforter with shades of pink and orange infuses a bedroom with a decidedly sunny disposition. If you like the look of a more monochromatic scheme, finish off your bedroom with a printed wallpaper in a similar shade of pink, as seen in this Los Angeles rental space.


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