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The Best Apartment and Landlord Rating Sites


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Apartment hunting is tough. On top of moving costs,  finding a place to live, and setting up utilities, you have to worry about whether or not your landlord is actually trustworthy. If there’s ever a true need for some honest reviews, it’s landlord reviews! Are we right, or are we right? 

For decades now, landlord review sites have been popping up all over the internet, offering reviews and insights from tenants across the globe. But they’re often gone before they get up and running; proof that a landlord rating isn’t quite an exact science. Of course, you have to take any review with a grain of salt. One person’s experience isn’t likely to be exactly the same as another’s, especially when it comes to moving to a new city. 

To help make apartment searching a bit easier, we’ve listed some of the most popular landlord review sites on the web for your consideration. Kind of like Yelp for landlords, these sites we’ve listed here can be a great resource when apartment searching. And while we can’t promise the perfect landlord, we can guarantee you’ll at least have a heads up on a crummy one.

The first site of its kind, Rate My Landlord allows you to search through their online database of landlords starting with a name, company, city, or zip code. Designed as a “reference check for landlords,” the site offers ratings, comments, and other miscellany about the landlord in question, as well as forums for discussing tenant-related issues. It’s completely free to join and encourages you to sign up for specific landlord alerts, so you can be immediately notified of a new landlord review or rating. The only thing Rate My Landlord asks is that “If you’re angry at your landlord then please wait a while before you rate them. Ratings or comments added while you’re upset won’t benefit anyone.” Fair enough (and probably true).

Arguably the MVP of the landlord-review sites, Whose Your Landlord is part apartment search engine, part landlord rating site, and part blog. Offering an array of awesome search tools ranging from neighborhood insights to renter photos of apartments, Whose Your Landlord lets you search by either landlord or property, with breakdowns on everything from landlord responsiveness to pest control. Additionally, the site doubles as a tenant-friendly blog, full of helpful how-to’s for apartment hunting, as well as renter resources such as moving tips and roommate advice. Whose Your Landlord might very well be the one-stop website for finding your next apartment.

Better for finding an apartment than a landlord review, ApartmentRatings.com has a long history and a comprehensive database of information. And since an apartment is only as good as the landlord who answers your call about a clogged toilet at 2AM, we think ApartmentRatings deserves at least a mention on our list of landlord review sites. 

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