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13 Best Bedroom Colors That Never Go Out Of Style


Choosing the right paint color for your bedroom is no easy task, and if you’re like most people who dread the idea of painting, you will want to ensure that you select a shade that will withstand the test of time. Choosing the right paint color that will never go out of style is no easy task, so we have compiled a list of the 13 best bedroom colors for you to choose from.

Elegant bedroom with greige walls adorned with black and white framed art over an ivory tufted headboard and bed dressed in ivory and white bed linens. The bed is flanked by a black nightstand topped with a white table lamp beside a wall of windows dressed in floor length taupe drapes. A white lantern pendant hangs over the foot of the bed which is finished with a rattan bench over a gold and blue area rug.
Photo Credit: Wayne Windham

Picking the perfect paint color can make or break the entire look of a bedroom. Color can affect your mood, making you feel energized or calm. It can also make a space look smaller and cozier or open a room up. But there are many things to ponder in deciding on the right shade: Will the year’s trending colors stand the test of time? How do you incorporate new hues into the room’s existing furniture, accents, and décor scheme? And how much should you consider the room’s lighting (or lack thereof)?

Warm Griege

Gray has been a longtime go-to, but its beige-inspired cousin is just as easy to love. The perfect greige is a warm, not at all-cold gray that works anywhere.

Transitional bedroom boasts a beige linen camelback bed with white and beige bedding beside a black nightstand displaying a white and gold lamp. Simple neutrals in soft and soothing hues making the bedroom look timeless and sophisticated finished with a glass globe chandelier contemporary chandelier.
Photo Credit: Refined LLC
Elegant bedroom with greige walls adorned with black and white framed art over an ivory tufted headboard and bed dressed in ivory and white bed linens. The bed is flanked by a black nightstand topped with a white table lamp beside a wall of windows dressed in floor length taupe drapes. A white lantern pendant hangs over the foot of the bed which is finished with a rattan bench over a gold and blue area rug.
Photo Credit: Wayne Windham

Dusty or Light Blue

Blues have long been a favorite shade throughout the home, from living rooms to kitchens — but especially favored for the bedroom. A light or dusty blue is a calming shade that will allow you a tranquil bedroom retreat that will stand the test of time.

Restful bedroom features a bed dressed in white textured bedding draped with a blue throw blanket and topped with blue ikat pillows complementing a blue velvet tufted headboard. Two small art pieces hang over the headboard from a light blue painted wall beneath a light blue ceiling, as brass sconces are mounted on either side of the headboard over gray nightstands. A light blue accent chair sits in a corner and is complemented with a pink pillow.
Photo Credit: Alexis Pawling
Lovely blue shared bedroom features a shared white nightstand placed on a light gray rug beneath windows complemented with blue curtains hung behind light blue French headboards. The beds are finished with blue bed skirts and chinoiserie print pillows, and are lit by a Thomas O'Brien Bryant Chandelier.
Photo Credit: Munger Interiors
Art surrounds a television placed on a white Greek key dresser in a bedroom boasting a blue chaise lounge positioned in a corner in front of glass doors covered in blue curtains layered over bamboo roman shades.
Photo Credit: Kara Miller Interiors
Blue bedroom sitting area is furnished with two blue stripe French chairs placed on a gray rug on either side of a round brass and glass accent table positioned beneath an art piece hung from a blue wall. The chairs are matched with a round blue lattice ottoman and complemented with a window covered in blue curtains hung beneath a blue valance.
Photo Credit: Erin Condron Interiors

Warm White

Whites are a classic favorite neutral. There is a warm white paint color appropriate for every room. Every designer swears by white, and most gravitate to warm white. The creamy undertones keep it from appearing too cold and flat. It adds the right amount of warmth while still feeling crisp and clean.

A large beach painting hangs in a welcoming shared cottage bedroom.
Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design
Welcoming master bedroom sitting area features a white curtain hung from an oil rubbed bronze rod in front of a nook boasting a round ottoman placed in front of dove gray wingback chairs lit by a brass lantern hung in front of windows.
Photo Credit: CH Design and Interiors
Blush pink pillow on a gray platform bed in a transitional bedroom with warm natural light. The heather gray platform bed is dressed with an olive green duvet color beside a vintage wood nightstand displaying a white lamp. A Scandinavian style wood chair displays a pompom throw blanket for a comfy and stylish finish.
Photo Credit: Megan Bachmann

Complex Cream

When it comes to paint colors, nothing is as ageless as a complex cream. Essentially, we’re talking about creamy beiges with a yellow, green, orange, or pink undertone. They are called ‘complex’ because there are more pigments in them than in a regular cream color.

Bedroom features a cream boucle channel tufted headboard accented with cream boucle pillows, white and cream bedding with a cream knitted throw and a black sawhorse bedside table.
Photo Credit: Tamara Magel
Bedroom features vintage swimsuit art and a bed with blue and cream bedding.
Photo Credit: Pure Salt Interiors


Choosing a neutral, such as  Taupe, is a smart choice because it is so versatile and has proven to withstand popularity in homes over time.

Super master bedroom with greige walls paint color, light gray headboard, blue purple duvet & shams, white ruffled bedskirt, black & white cowhide rug, espresso stained glossy nightstands and crown molding.
Photo Credit: Cardea Building
A white basket chandelier hangs from a gray vaulted ceiling accented with white wood beams over a white upholstered bed placed on white rug, as a gray accent chair is placed beneath an art piece hung from a gray wall beside a rattan floor lamp.
Photo Credit: Kate Marker Interiors


Sick of white walls? Select a soft shade of gray—trendy and timeless, especially in the bedroom.

Lovely bedroom nook is fitted with a television mounted over a blue dresser.
Photo Credit: Summer House Style
grey bedroom with white cream sitting chairs mirrored nightstand bench large area rug
Photo Credit: EJ Interiors


While it may seem like a bold and daring choice and one that may date itself, it’s actually the contrary. Navy has a bold elegance and sophistication that will withstand current trends and move nicely into future ones.

Beautifully styled shared bedroom features a polished brass bench placed on a yellow, black, and gray rug at the foot of gray velvet beds dressed in gray and blue bedding. Blue geometric art is stacked against a blue wallpapered wall beside an en suite bathroom door.
Photo Credit: Greg Natale

Antique White

For an all-white look with just a little oomph, try an antique white paint color for the walls, then paint the trim and other millwork a brighter white to accentuate the pretty detailing. Complete the pretty tone-on-tone with farmhouse classics such as a white iron bed and matelassé bedding.

Restful, contemporary, white and ivory bedroom is lit by a white lamp with a white and gold lamp shade placed on a nightstand beside a cream wood 4 poster bed accented with white bedding draped in a cream cashmere blanket. A window is covered with gorgeous cream drapery panels.
Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck
In front of a black canopy bed, a white and gray check roll arm sofa sits on a gray rug facing a cream coffee table flanked by gray tufted accent chairs lit by a carriage lantern.
Photo Credit: Sarah Batholomew Design

Warm Brown

Try a medium brown paint color if you’re looking for a neutral that lends a masculine vibe. The rich neutral delivers warmth without overpowering the room and looks great when paired with white trim, natural wood finishes, and navy or dark green bedding.

Bedroom features a cream and brown striped headboard on a brown vertical striped rug and brown striped wallpaper,
Photo Credit: Mark D Sikes
Welcoming blue and brown bedroom features a brown plaid bed accented with blue velvet lumbar pillows and a blue throw placed on blue hotel bedding. The bed is positioned on a tan diamond pattern rug and in front of a gray wallpapered wall, as blue curtains cover windows.
Photo Credit: Eric Condron Interiors


Beige is a perfect neutral! With just a hint of a light brown-cream and the perfect balance of white, this color will never fade in popularity and makes accessorizing and decorating increasingly easy.

Elegant bedroom features a cream capiz canopy bed placed against a cream wallpapered wall lit by a cream lamp with a pink pleated lamp shade.
Photo Credit: Amanda Nisbet

Tips for Choosing the Right Colors

Colors that may help you sleep

While you may paint your walls for aesthetic charm, the colors may affect you psychologically, including your capability to sleep. Specific colors may stimulate relaxation, while others stimulate your senses and make you more awake.

Overall, muted colors are the best for your bedroom walls, and blue, green, and yellow may offer the most benefits.


Blue is perhaps the best color for your bedroom. Not only is it more muted, but blue tones also tend to have more calming effects on the brain. All shades of blue can evoke a tranquil atmosphere but stick with lighter shades on your bedroom walls for the best effect.


Green can be reminiscent of nature, which may put you in a relaxing mood. For many, green is also a harmonizing and refreshing color of choice.


While yellow isn’t always sleep-inducing, it can be helpful to wake up in a yellow bedroom because of its happy connotations. As with blue and green, stick with lighter shades that are less likely to distract you from sleep.

Earth Tones

Certain earth tones may also be appropriate for your bedroom walls, as long as they’re not too dark. Other options include beige and soft white. Silver is another alternative that may create a more peaceful atmosphere conducive to better sleep.

Avoid glossy paint

No matter which color you choose, the paint’s finish may be equally important in terms of sleep quality. An overly glossy finish can reflect light and, in turn, stimulate your brain, so aim for a more flat or matte one instead.

As a rule, overly vibrant colors should be avoided in bedrooms. These include loud reds and oranges, which are considered to be energetic and uplifting colors. Red can increase your fight-or-flight instinct, making you more alert and aware of your surroundings.

Bright or neon pinks and purples may also be too stimulating when you’re winding down for sleep. Dark grays and browns aren’t recommended because they may evoke feelings of uncertainty.

Consider a more muted version if you simply must have a more vibrant color. For example, a bright purple may be swapped out for lavender, and fire-engine red can be replaced with a soft salmon shade.

Depending on the layout of your home, you may still be able to incorporate some of the more vibrant colors in other rooms of your home. Consider saving the more energetic colors for your home office or your child’s playroom.


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