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Want An Organized Home? These Are the Best Cities to Live In


More so over the past two years, our homes are a safe haven for many people. It’s the place where we are able to fully unwind and relax, keeping our space neat and organized may be an important to maintain a sense of calm. But, does location determine just how organized we keep our homes?

RentCafe recently conducted some research to find out just that, taking into account  U.S. cities with over 100K inhabitants and ranking 284 of them according to several metrics, including average household size, home improvement searches, and the number of professional organizers in each area.

Taking the top spot for the most organizing potential is Scottsdale, Arizona. According to the study, Scottsdale has the best combination of personal space, storage options and interest in home improvement, along with one of the lowest household sizes in the country at 2.16 people per home. There’s also plenty of storage units in Scottsdale, meaning homes can stay uncluttered if they are short on space.

Raleigh, North Carolina came in second place. With plenty of internet searches for DIY home hacks and professional organizers, Raleigh residents are among the most interested in home improvement ideas.

In at third place is Spokane, Washington, with large homes and an impressive number of affordable storage unit spaces—costing $120 on average.

Salt Lake City, Utah; Reno, Nevada; Orlando; Florida; and Atlanta; Georgia also scored highly for home improvement searches, home size, and the number of storage units per capita. Below, the top 15 locations for keeping an organized home. Did your city make the list?

15 best U.S. cities for an organized home


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