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18 March 2022
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18 March 2022

Virtual winner's podium – the ICONIC AWARDS 2022: Innovative Interior (6/9) | News | Architonic


The <a href="">kitchen</a> is a special place. It's not just where food is prepared, it's where friends and family get together, where people talk, laugh and celebrate. At parties, the best conversations always seem to take place in the kitchen. For the great architect and designer <a href="">Ettore Sottsass</a>, the kitchen was even a place of transformation. In his book 'Adesso Però', he poetically formulated his perception of the kitchen: ‘I always think that the kitchen is the place where the infinite encyclopaedia of substances and planetary states is gathered, unites and then assembles, organises, catalogues, proportions, takes shape, assumes a recognisable meaning, transforms itself into something usable, to then design that which is the daily ritual of eating.’ Without a doubt, the Corona pandemic has intensified our relationship with kitchens in the last two…


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