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Tubicen Portable Table Lamp Review


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When I first moved into my apartment, I was truly appalled by its lack of lighting. Everything else about the place was perfect — big windows, hardwood floors, and a spacious layout — but it was dark. Without a ceiling light in the bedroom or living room, I knew I had to get creative with some unconventional lighting solutions that didn’t involve any electrical work. After a little digging, I finally found a light that was stylish, well-made, and, most importantly, illuminated my space.

The Tubicen Portable Lamp I landed on is under $60, which is cheaper than any other solution I came across during my search. The best part? It looks expensive, thanks to a modern design that boasts a sleek curved handle and a frosted glass dome (you can even select from a variety of metal finishes on a slightly pricier model).

Depending on whether we’re having company over, making dinner together, or if I am reading in our comfy corner chair, our Tubicen moves around the apartment according to our nightly activities. Its nomadic nature is no hassle though, thanks to a lightweight build and the fact that it has no cords. At just two pounds, the Tubicen is easy to carry around as we please — so much so that my boyfriend and I have even taken it with us on date night picnics.

Speaking of date night, this light really helps to set a mood. With four brightness settings, you can easily adjust between sultry mood lighting and focused work illumination with simply the touch of a button. Plus, no matter what setting you have the lamp on, it truly lasts for a long time without needing a recharge — I’m talking seven hours minimum, which is a real lifesaver. Here in California, it’s gotten me through multiple power outages during this past wildfire season. When it is time to charge up (and I do have power), it’s as simple as plugging the lamp into a USB cable for a few hours and voila! It’s ready to transport once more.

I have found myself repeatedly suggesting the Tubicen to family and friends alike who are in need of inventive lighting solutions, or even those who have overhead lighting they find is too bright for a chill evening at home. I have to say, I was pretty sure I was this light’s number one fan — until I checked out the reviews on Amazon, that is. Buyers rave over the Tubicen’s versatility, the warm hue given off by the energy saving LEDs, and its stylish aesthetic. “I am OBSESSED with these lights,” wrote one reviewer, “They’re so sleek, modern and make any room look so chic.” Let me tell you, that reviewer is not wrong!


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