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16 May 2023
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Top Sustainable Design & Green Building Accreditations


Engaging with sustainable design accreditations

Accreditation schemes provide frameworks, rating systems, benchmarks and standards to support the delivery of sustainable buildings and interiors. Their broad aim is to address concerns over environmental degradation and resource depletion, targeting several key contributors linked to building design and development. While the majority are voluntary, many authorities incorporate key schemes into their planning criteria.

Once they’ve registered with the relevant accreditation body or owner, companies may have to take part in various planning meetings, reviews and compliance testing. They may have to develop sustainability briefs, brainstorm design and engineering solutions, and conduct lifecycle impact analyses of buildings and interiors. Key individuals may need to undergo extensive training and assessment, culminating in various stages of accreditation or certification.

The accreditation process and focus areas vary from scheme to scheme. Some programmes are concerned with energy efficiency, while others might address recycled content use. Others, meanwhile, may focus on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) or building provisions for health, safety and wellbeing. The following are some of the leading schemes supporting the sector-wide shift to sustainable design in the built environment and improving health and wellbeing within commercial buildings.


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