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Top 8 Small Pool Designs for Your Backyard


How nice would it be to relax in a pool after a long exhausting day? Thinking of accommodating a swimming pool but doubt the size of your backyard? Do not overthink. The luxury can be yours with the right idea in mind. Let your creativity amaze you once again.

Moreover, numerous small pool designs might make you wonder, “I think my backyard’s got enough space for that one!”. Surprise! Surprise! You don’t need acres of land to locate a small pool in your habitat.

Whether you have a large or a smaller area, incorporating a small pool with an elegant look can multiply the aesthetic of your residential area. Small pools hold a more significant advantage over the bigger ones when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, the area covered, renovation, etc. 

Your oddly spread-out backyard could be just as suitable for an iconic water leisure product. There are no specific guidelines for designing a pool. A small pool design can be rectangular, circular, oval, or any other irregular shape you like. One can even customize their pool, under expert guidance, according to their needs and affordability.

One thing you must consider is the cost. Although the material input required could be comparatively lesser than that utilized in constructing a big pool, the price might not be compromised. Planning a budget in advance would give you greater control over your finances.

Stop building castles in the air and make it happen. Here is a collection of some of the best small pool designs from around the world. Hurry up and go through all of them in one go. You might end up finding your dream pool!

Classic Rectangle Above Ground Pool

pool designs


This is the perfect example of utilizing the limited backyard you have. This above-ground pool has a very appealing and refreshing look to it. The plain house paint and bright blue color of the pool seem to contrast. This way, the pool becomes even more noticeable.

The pool is packed in a classic rectangle, covered in tiles of a rocky shade. The raised patio has enough space for some fun and leisure.

Symmetrical Wooden Deck Pool

pool designs


This symmetrical pool against a wooden deck is a classic feature to add to your living place. The simplicity of this pool wins the heart of the onlookers. Considering the landscape as mentioned above, the pool seems to be rightly sited, allowing admiration of the endless beauty of the ocean and the sky.

The deck area can be utilized to place some matching furniture for more people to enjoy at the same time. Moreover, one can never be bored of the natural look of the plants and trees near the pool.

Square Corner Pool

pool designs


Where should I locate the pool? One of the most convenient places to fix a pool is that isolated corner still lying unused.

Just look at this one right above the text, sitting in the quiet corner to itself. Making use of the corners to squeeze a pool can never be more appealing. This geometrically shaped pool looks like an easy fit with the bushy climbers covering the background walls to make it a little more cheerful.

Elongated In-Ground Pool

pool designs


Do you have a backyard with considerable length? Then, this one is for you! This pool is very much suitable for people with elongated backyards. The surrounding walls and the modest concrete, adorned with sparsely placed greens, bestow a classic look. 

This elongated water piece with a dry garden may also trick the spectators’ eyes into thinking the area is bigger than its actual size. Moreover, the leftover space can be filled with some furniture that matches the pool vibe, if you like.

Relaxing Modern Pool

pool designs


The designer of this pool has undoubtedly managed to make the best out of every inch. The water seems to run in a lane alongside the deck with enough space for people to sit and put their legs into the pool to relax. Placing the square stone tables in the middle partly divides the pool. The raised side-line could be utilized for a sound nap or chit-chat. 

The furniture on the patio elates the overall appearance. A slot adjacent to the pool boundary is exclusively meant for the greens.

In-Ground Curved Swimming Pool

pool designs


Why waste a large area to accommodate a pool when the same luxury can be packed in a nook. This slightly curved swimming pool is carefully placed near the boundary. The spacing required for a small pool design in this fashion can be modified according to your garden.

The background can be as creative as the one shown above. Bushy voluminous plants along with a simple gated pool step would probably create the best backdrop providing a fresh, natural essence to it. A bit of lighting to the pool and surrounding area will make it more vibrantly visible, highlighting it even from a distance.

Rustic Stone Swimming Pool

pool designs


The pool shown in the above image is a work of art. The stonework around the pool gives it a more natural and welcoming look. The boundary of the pool and the house are almost touching, giving us a clue about the available area. The arrangement of the rocks on the pool makes all the difference.

 On one side, the rocks are placed on each other in an artistically designed curve, whereas on the opposite side uses the giant stone slabs to construct stairs and pavement areas. Decorating the surrounding area with suitable plants, like those in the image, will give it a genuine touch of nature.

 The overall rustic look is a feast to the eyes.

Small Pool With Fountains

pool designs


Your above-ground water pool might seem as exotic as this one, with the selection of the same set of materials. The stone-like concrete used in the high wall behind the pool and the outer wall of the pool makes it stand out in the middle of the wilderness. 

The addition of slits of fountains in the background wall makes it look more authentic and functional. The overall view of the natural habitat is preserved with this architectural wonder.

Wrapping up

A relaxing retreat to your utter amazement is not about owning hundreds of square footage but creativity. Those described above, inspirational small pool designs, are some of the best ones to choose from to add a water delight to your living heaven.


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