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These Are the U.S. Cities with the Most Smart Homes


While we don’t have flying cars and hover homes just yet, the digital age has given us smart homes. In a smart home, digital technology gives homeowners the ability to control their home settings, such as the lighting, appliances, and heating, with a simple touch of a button or a few spoken words. It’s not for everyone, but those who are particularly tech-savvy will thrive in a smart home. But where is the best location to purchase one in 2022?

In a recent study, American Home Shield analyzed Zillow listings to reveal the U.S. states with the most pre-fitted smart homes for sale.

Turns out, if you’re looking to buy a smart home this year, New York City is the place to be. Taking the top spot, the Big Apple currently has 615 listings for smart homes—perhaps a far cry from the notoriously small NYC apartments that many residents are used to.

In second place is San Antonio, Texas, with 252 listings. Texas as a whole as a great place to move to if you’re looking to relocate to a futuristic smart home—the Lone Star State has 2090 pre-fitted smart homes on the market. Chicago, Illinois currently comes in at third place with 204 listings.

Taking fourth place in the study is Houston, Texas with 176 smart home listings, while Los Angeles, California is in fifth place with 169. Although LA is still a major city for tech-lovers, it’s surprising that San Francisco’s Silicon Valley didn’t make the list.


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