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The Top Exterior Home Trends of 2023


This year’s biggest exterior trends are centered on a harmonious connection with nature. Earthy color palettes and oversized windows seamlessly blend the building into the surroundings while varying textures add depth. If you need inspiration to transform your home’s exterior, let’s explore the hot 2023 trends that make the most impact.

Monochromatic exterior palette

Choosing contrasting colors to highlight certain features isn’t trendy anymore. Instead, homeowners opt for a monochromatic color scheme for a more subtle approach. This means that the siding, trim, and shutters are painted in different shades of a particular color to tone things down. Gray, taupe, and greige are the most popular colors for curating a modern monochrome palette.

gray house exterior

Photo Credits: BHG

Mixed textures

Mixing different textures adds visual appeal and makes a house appear more luxurious. While this approach is timeless and widely implemented in contemporary homes, it has recently gained immense popularity. Using natural textures – such as stone, wood, and brick – is a fantastic way to make a house’s exterior stand out.

mixed texture house exterior

Photo Credits: Pexels

Large windows

Large windows with minimal details that don’t obstruct the view are another trend for house exteriors in 2023. These windows are meant to provide a glimpse of the outdoors and create a seamless connection between outdoor and indoor spaces.


Photo Credits: Unsplash

Wood details

Wood brings a touch of warmth and a homey feel. It is implemented in different architectural styles to achieve a variety of textures. Headers, shutters, and posts made of wood bring an organic authenticity to the exterior.

beige exterior wood details

Photo Credits: Farmhouse

Earthy neutrals

When it comes to paint choices, earthy neutrals will be a favorite in 2023. The soothing colors immerse a house with its surroundings, making it feel like part of nature. Chocolate brown, warm grays, greens, and beige tones harmonize with the surrounding. Warm whites are a versatile choice that suits various architectural styles.


Photo Credits: Home Bunch

Statement door

A door is no longer seen only for its primary purpose of being a point of entry. In 2023, the door design becomes an integral part of a home’s curb appeal. Custom-made doors are an attention-grabbing feature in contemporary house designs. As a bonus, they provide a warm welcome to guests and visitors.


Photo Credits: Home Bunch


As many industries turn to eco-friendly elements, exterior design follows sustainability trends too. Cco-friendly materials are responsibly sourced and have minimum impact on the environment. Solar panels, green walls, and rainwater harvesting are just a few popular features that promote sustainability.


Photo Credits: Sustainable House Day

Extra outdoor living space

Indoor-outdoor living is a massive trend in 2023, and exterior design follows suit. Designers are always looking for ways to add extra outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. Think like a designer and look at your deck as an extension of the indoor living space, with a seamless transition to the outdoors.

Moreover, outdoor areas are getting additions that increase comfort, such as screening systems, retractable windows, and cozy outdoor furniture. Rooftop decks are yet another option for creating a private outdoor oasis.


Photo Credits: Style Me Pretty


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