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The Best Seats We Spotted in 2023


If you’re unfamiliar with our Splurge Worthy column, consider it a sneak peek into the homes of stylish people who divulge to us their most beloved pieces of furniture and decor. An overwhelming majority of these treasured items are seats, from groovy 1960s sectionals to hand-carved wood rocking chairs, sustainable pine dining chairs with Danish design pedigrees, and everything in between…and we would love to sit in each and every one of them.

But even more compelling than the seats themselves (and trust us, they are wishlist-worthy) are the personal stories behind them. Iconic chairs have been purloined from parents, received as surprise gifts, and purchased at auction. Striking sofas have been inherited from earlier generations and reupholstered using handmade rugs.

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back on the best seats of the bunch, whose sentimental origins make them all the more valuable.

Leigh Plessner’s Cygnet-ure chair is a symbol of her creative legacy.

Samantha Hillman

Simultaneously whimsical and neoclassical, Leigh Plessner’s Maison Jansen wrought iron swan chair is the best gift she’s ever received. The Catbird chief creative officer first spotted it while she was out with the jewelry brand’s founder, Rony Vardi. Fast-forward seven months and the chair appeared in Leigh’s apartment as a thoughtful surprise from her boss. It immediately delighted her then and continues to do so over a decade later.

1950s Maison Jansen Style of Neoclassical Wrought Iron Lyre Arm Back Chair

You‘ve never seen the Mags sofa look this good before.

Scott Bleicher


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