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The closet is one of the most frequently visited places in any home, and yet, it can be an overwhelming space if you don’t have closet organizers that work for your daily life. With the wide array of items that are stored inside, it can be a challenging feat to find closet storage solutions that fit all of the items you love. Plus, when the seasons change, your closet has to change with them. This means we have to create a closet system that not only works for our daily life, but can also be adjusted based on the items we need to quickly access.

If closet organization feels like a daunting task, we’re here to get you through it. We tapped six organization experts for their secrets on making every closet organized and aesthetically pleasing. Ready to take on the challenge? Read on for best closet organizer-approved tips and products to get every inch of your closet under control. 

1. Clear the clutter

One of the most intimidating parts of closet organization is deciding where to begin. Karine Bouganim, owner of Karine OCD, advises sorting through your clothing and accessories first. “You want to take the time to go through your belongings and keep only what you love and know you will wear,” she says. Then, she recommends eliminating all bulky and mismatched hangers and replacing them with nonslip velvet hangers to create uniformity in your closet space. 

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Squared Away Velvet Slim Suit Hangers

2. Use wall hooks to organize accessories

Master closet organizer Shaniece Jones recommends installing wall hooks to an empty wall inside a walk-in closet to display hats, scarves, jewelry, purses, and belts. This adds functionality, easy access, and decoration to any open space.  

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3. Display shoes and handbags

Whether you have a walk-in closet or a small vertical space, installing floating shelves is an effective way to organize and display your beloved shoes and handbags—no built-ins or custom closets required. This is a simple DIY solution that you’ll turn to time and time again when accessorizing. “Be sure to measure the depth of the space,” Shaniece says, “so you know the depth and width of the type of shelving you will need.” If you don’t have space to install floating shelves, opt for a shoe rack to make use of the horizontal space you have on the ground. 

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Elfa Décor 2′ Platinum & Walnut Basic Shelving Units For Anywhere

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4. Utilize shelf dividers

If you have shelf space in your closet, it’s tempting to toss sweaters and pants into every nook and cranny without proper organization. Jessica Haizman, the viral organization expert on TikTok, recommends shelf dividers as a simple and effective way to create order on your closet shelves. “They do a great job at keeping items where they are supposed to be,” she says. “They’ll keep your designated areas nice and tidy!” 

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Elfa Décor Shelf Dividers

5. Discreetly store out-of-season items

“Items you do not access day to day are best contained in storage bins,” Lisa Jacobs, founder of Imagine It Done, explains. This is one storage solution where closet space isn’t necessary, as they can be stored underneath your bed or stacked on a shelf in your closet to increase hanging space and make room in a small closet for the items you need easy access to. Storage bags can be tucked away in tight spaces too.  

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Grey Montauk Woven Rectangular Storage Bins

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Modern Weave Underbed Storage Basket

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Open Spaces Large Felt Storage Bins

6. Hang pants and skirts on clips 

To maximize hanging space on your closet rods, Jessica recommends using tiered hangers with clips to consolidate the space you need for your pants and skirts. They’re great because you’re adding storage space and can hang up multiple pairs of pants on them. 

Space Saving 5-Tier Metal Skirt Hanger With Clips

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OSTO 4 Tier Metal Pant Hangers

7. Use drawer dividers

If you have drawer space in your closet, Ashley Murphy, cofounder of Neat Method, recommends using drawer organizers to keep all of your items orderly. “They are the absolute best way to keep your item separated by category and prevent them from getting all jumbled up,” she notes.  

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iDESIGN 4″ Expandable Drawer Dividers

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mDesign Bamboo Adjustable Drawer Dividers

8. Stack your shoes

If shoes take up most of the floor space in your closet, ditch shoe racks for something leveled up. Annie Schmidt, founder of SOS Home Organization, recommends stackable, open-front shoe boxes to increase your shoe storage and keep them clean. If you have closet shelves, try using shoe risers to double up the shelf space you already have; the configurations of these closet organizers are endless.  

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Premium Stacking Shoe Bin

Clear Acrylic Display Risers


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