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15 March 2022
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Sygnard’s Art Deco update for the 21st century


Alongside its aesthetics, Balázsi also admires the technical advances of the Art Deco movement, and places importance himself on style evolution. His inspirations are always run through a 21st century filter in order to ready them for today’s high-end homes, hospitality destinations and public buildings. “The design is old, the technology is new,” he says. “We still make our furniture by hand, but new technologies can make them more long-lasting.” Studying classics from the 1930s, such as the Halabala armchairs, Sygnard rethinks them for today. This particular iconic design has become the Poirot Lounge Armchair in Syngard’s hands. “One of my favourite pieces is the Odeon double armchair. It truly reflects how to create an old-styled piece of furniture with a modern twist,” says Balázsi. It exudes a totally clean design and symmetry, and uses a really special wood. And, of course, comfort. It’s ergonomically designed, and simply great to sit in. When it comes to work, the armrest with my laptop is a perfect office.”


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