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Sustainability Vision with Davison Highley: a case study


The Love your workspace team recently attended a presentation by Caroline Atack from Davidson Highley and James Bell from Dragonfly Sustainability about their sustainability vision. Here we give a round-up of what we learnt.

What is sustainability?

The definition of sustainability is the ‘avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance’, but what does this mean in reality? With a growing awareness of how our consumption can impact the environment, many companies are making a conscious effort to change and lessen their environmental footprint. Often this means finding a creative way to do the same thing, differently. This could be adapting an existing design to be more durable or energy efficient, using sustainable materials, or changing the way goods are packaged and transported.

Sustainable Manufacturer: Approach

Davison Highley have a long standing approach to sustainability, which sits at the heart of their values ‘responsibility, creativity and dedication’.

The presentation ran through some of the 2020 highlights, which included the recycling an amazing 25 tonnes of waste and reducing a total of 34 tonnes of carbon emissions. Caroline and James also discussed plans for the future.

Sustainable Manufacturer: Mission

In order to maintain their on-going environmental achievements Davison Highley have committed to the following 2021 objectives:

  • Commit to Net Zero by 2030 and set quantitative carbon targets towards this goal.
  • Create environmental product scorecards across the furniture range
  • Align strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In practice this means working at the forefront of design to manufacture responsible furniture, progressing towards a net zero 2030 target (having reduced their consumption by 24% since 2017), and sourcing exclusively from FSC certified supply chains.


Long lasting, good quality products with strong environmental credentials are key considerations for Love your workspace when we source furniture. Encouraging clients to invest once and invest well in their workspace not only provides longevity but improves productivity and wellbeing in staff. We offer furniture recycling too, so that furniture which has reached the end of its life can be disposed of safely and responsibly.

We are very impressed with the commitments being taken by Davison Highley (even the carbon footprint of the zoom meeting itself was calculated and offset by the planting of UK native trees at a local school!) and look forward to introducing more of our customers to them in the future.

If you’d like advice on creating your own sustainable office then contact us directly on 0330 332 0880.


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