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24 February 2022
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24 February 2022

Six ways to design more productive co-working spaces


Unlike most offices, people have a choice of co-workspace, so they’re often filled with expressive colour and design to make them fun, rewarding places to enjoy being in. Be wary, however, creativity is a tap that can be difficult to shut off. Too much can cause what is supposed to be a calm, focused environment into a wacky, distracting circus of stimulus.

The Coven, for example, is a co-workspace exclusively for women and non-binary workers. The space is filled with architectural, colourful and illustrated creativity with hot pink pipework and flooring, playfully interacting with other accents of dark blue and even gold. If you look carefully, however, you’ll notice nothing quite as expressive or personal in the office furniture. With traditional work zones featuring simple, functional chairs, and four-legged desks and tables similar to those in VARIO’s Icon range.


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