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“Sexy and Decadent”: The Sessions Arts Club in London


Spotted (and admired) in the UK Guardian: The Sessions Arts Club in London, a restaurant, bar, art, and performance space. “Decadent, a bit sexy, and definitely not of its time,” is how the Guardian’s restaurant critic Grace Dent describes the dining experience.

Located in a Grade II listed former courthouse in Clerkenwell, the restaurant is accessed through an unmarked red door off a side street and occupies the judges’ original dining room.

Half a decade in the making, the Old Sessions House is a collaboration among like-minded creatives, including restaurateur Jon Spiteri, artist Jonny Gent of Cabin Studios, architect Russell Potter of SODA, and brothers Ted and Oliver Grebelius of Sätila Studios. Not to mention celebrated chef Florence Knight, who has been earning accolades for her refined and deceptively simple cuisine.

Photography by Beth Evans via the Sessions Arts Club.

sessions arts club
Above The team sourced the furnishings and fittings from various markets and salvage yards
sessions arts club 10
Above Walls are left in a distressed state<span id=ezoic pub ad placeholder 872 class=ezoic adpicker ad>
sessions arts club london 22
AboveAn intimate corner for musical performances
sessions arts club 20
Above An overview of the main dining room
sessions arts club london 6 1
Above A grand staircase leads to the upper mezzanine fining area
sessions arts club london 5
Above Simplicity reigns when it comes to the table settings
sessions arts club london
Above A corner banquette
sessions arts club london 3
Above The custom leather banquettes were inspired by the courthouses original chairs<span id=ezoic pub ad placeholder 877 class=ezoic adpicker ad style=displayblockimportantfloatnoneline height0margin bottom15pximportantmargin left0importantmargin right0importantmargin top15pximportantmax width100importantmin height250pxmin width300pxpadding top15pximportanttext aligncenterimportant>


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