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4 December 2023
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Pure Elegance: Fall In Love With Marble Bathrooms 


Decorating with marble guarantees elegance on all levels. Marble bathrooms are absolutely breathtaking, and their truest magic lies in the fact that marble can be paired with many different color shades and materials. This way, you can add your preferred choice of decor, be it wood or copper, to an already stunning bathroom and take it from breathtaking to outstanding!

Check out our favorite marble pairings below, and don’t forget to add this to your dream bathroom Pinterest board; it’s time for your dreams to come true!

Marble and Wood

Combining modern with traditional is always a special experience. The wish to make your bathroom as modern as possible is hard to resist, but that inner feeling of wanting to keep some elements classic and traditional is hard to silence. You can easily have the best of both worlds by dressing your bathroom up in marble and then sprinkling it with wooden decor!  See the results below!

Modern high-rise bathroom design with cherry floating double bathroom cabinets, marble counter tops, marble tiles floor, marble walls backsplash, polished nickel faucets and chunky floating shelves.

Photo Credit: More Design + Build

A narrow bathroom can really benefit from marble decor! Look at this example for inspiration! It looks spacious and bright, perfected by neatly decorated wooden shelves!

A luxurious bathroom featuring elegant marble walls and flooring with wood cabinets.

Photo Credit: CG and S

Pairing your marble bathroom with some wooden cabinets breaks the feeling of a monotonous room where everything looks the same.

A contemporary bathroom featuring sleek white marble walls, adorned with a circular mirror and wood vanity.

Photo Credit: Minosa Design

Even a more subtle shade of wood will do amazingly, enhancing the calm feeling of a bathroom and making it seem almost like a sanctuary or a home spa.

A spacious bathroom featuring a large-sized shower area with a walk-in shower and wood vanity.

Photo Credit: Laura U Design Collective
A large bathroom featuring marble walls and a generously sized mirror reflecting the room's ambiance which is mounted above a wood vanity.

Photo Credit: DigsDigs
A luxurious bathroom featuring exquisite marble flooring and a spacious tub flanked by a wooden vanity.

Photo Credit: Houzz

The three stunning bathrooms above are a fantastic exhibit of how a simple wooden addition defines the energy of the entire bathroom. Marble, however beautiful, can be quite cold, and it’s natural to wish for some warmth. A beautiful wooden area under the sink and its counter will perfectly balance the raw marble look!

A spacious bathroom with a plush rug and a white bathtub, featuring wood accents.

Photo Credit: The New York Times

You can, of course, emphasize the wooden decor instead, adding marble as a balancing element rather than the other way around. Take a look at how it was done in this apartment for endless great ideas.

Black and white bathroom boasts a black washstand complemented with large nickel ring pulls and a marble countertop fitted with a sink accented with polished nickel faucet located under a large round vanity mirror mounted on a white linear tile backsplash and lit by facing bronze and glass globe wall sconces.

Photo Credit: Decor Pad
Restoration Hardware Astoria Flat Mirrors are lit by a white glass and bronze 2 light wall sconces mounted above a white dual washstand accented with a towel shelf, bronze pulls, and a honed white marble countertop fitted with a sinks and polished nickel gooseneck faucets.

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

The bathrooms above showcase a contrast between pairing marble with dark black wood or pale white. The great thing about marble is that it will work with both, adapting to your chosen choice of wood like a true chameleon. Paired with a mystical black, it enhances the elegance of the room, but when put together with white, it will make your bathroom glow!

Marble and Copper

Some combinations are so perfect it’s hard to believe they are real – but they are! Not only that, you can recreate them in your very own home and gush over them every single day. Marble and copper are one of those combinations; the gentleness of marble and the metallic roughness of copper create the perfect balance and leave you in awe!

A luxurious bathroom featuring marble-like walls and a copper sink.

Photo Credit: Studio 103 via Mecc Interiors

 It can be as simple as adding copper sinks and little lights, as displayed in this bathroom because copper will draw attention to itself immediately!

A luxurious bathroom featuring marble walls and black flooring accented by hints of copper fixtures.

Photo Credit: Horton & Co Design

Copper pipes are also a winner, and while they are but minimal, they too can easily catch the eye!

A luxurious bathroom featuring a marble sink and many copper fixtures.

Photo Credit: Interior Style

If your love of copper knows no limit, add it in abundance! Your bathroom will get an industrial look, softened by the touch of marble!

A contemporary bathroom featuring a pristine tub and a shower with copper accents.

Photo Credit: DigsDigs
A luxurious bathroom featuring elegant marble walls and a sleek shower finished with touches of copper.

Photo Credit: Inside Out
A bathroom featuring a marble-like tub and copper fixtures, creating a contrasting color scheme.

Photo Credit: Roundecor

Adding a copper shower to your marble bathroom is a lucrative way to spice up the marble environment. You can still enjoy the look of an almost all-marble bathroom, but allow the shower to be that special element that acts as a cherry on top and gives the bathroom a focal point. Every room should have a center of attention, and a copper shower will be just that!

Bathroom with marble walls, blue vanity, and copper sink and fixtures.

Photo Credit: Superfront
Marble bathroom with white sink and vanity accented by copper.

Photo Credit: Decoholic
Marble double vanity flanked by a mirror with a copper frame.

Photo Credit: Tig

Of course, your focal point doesn’t necessarily have to be a shower; it can also be a copper mirror! Neatly placed above the double vanity (that can either be marble or copper as well – you can see above that both will do wonderfully), it captivates you immediately upon walking into the bathroom, almost compelling you to look at it in awe!

Marble and Neutral Tones

Marble, neutral in itself, goes amazingly with non-invasive, calming, neutral colors. Shades of gray and black seem to be destined for a love affair with marble. Your bathroom should be a calming space, one where you can relax and unwind both before and after a tiring day. These marble bathrooms in neutral tones are certainly perfect for that!

Marble bathroom with natural fixtures.

Photo Credit: Elicyon

When done properly, neutral tones are anything but boring. Even the smallest addition of them can help create a calm and serene ambiance.

Gray bathroom with marble sink and natural fixrures.

Photo Credit: Kylie M. Interiors

This bathroom is decorated in gray tones, creating a sacred space for anyone who isn’t too keen about colorful and vivid decor. If neutrals feel like home to you, by all means, use them in abundance!

Marble bathroom with natural accents.

Photo Credit: Tempo de Delicadeza

You can’t deny that neutral shades create a consistency, one that you can easily carry into any room of your home. Starting with the bathroom, allow the grayness to bind your decor together as if giving it a purpose.

Bathroom with white tub and glass shower.

Photo Credit: Annie Santulli Designs

No matter how big the bathroom is, the neutral tones will make it feel comfortable and homey. Isn’t this something we all wish for? Check out this look that is both simple and elegant.

Large bathroom with marble floor and walls, flanked by dark walls.

Photo Credit: Maison Valentina

Indeed, neutral tones are calming and simple, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t look glamorous. Of course, it can! Just look at this incredible bathroom and embrace the marble! Glamour at its finest!

Marble and Gold

If you want your daily routines to stop feeling monotonous, adding some gold to your bathroom will go a long way. It instantly transforms a room from normal to royal, taking it to a whole new level. Everybody is smitten with a little bliss! The marble bathrooms below all have an element of gold in them, creating a luxurious bathroom that used to be the stuff of dreams but can now be your everyday reality!

White and black bathroom finished with marble and gold fixtures.

Photo Credit: DigsDigs

Elegance like no other, marble and gold create a true romance in this fabulous bathroom. We adore it!

A glass and brass shower enclosure is filled with marble tiles lined with a Kohler Rainhead with Katalyst Air-Induction Spray in Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold and a Purist Multifunction 3-Way Handshower.

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

Adding shades of gold to your shower instantly enhances the look of the entire bathroom. Your morning showers will no longer feel random, they will feel noble! Aristocratic inspiration idea that will help you decorate your bathroom.

White bathroom with black drawers, finished with gold fixtures.

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

The combination of black and gold is a foolproof recipe for elegance, but who knew it works so well together with marble as well? If you love nobility, this styling is for you!

Modern bathroom features a floating marble vanity fitted with his and her sinks and gold faucets under mirrored medicine cabinets illuminated by white glass and gold sconces.

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

Maybe your addition of golden elements will be rather minimal, like this idea, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t greatly impact the look of the whole room. Sometimes magic lies in the details, so leave nothing to chance!

White and black bathroom features an accent wall clad in black and white cement tiles, Cement Tile Shop Bristol Tiles, lined with a black clawfoot tub fitted with a shiny brass vintage hand held tub filler illuminated by a Suzanne Kasler Morris Lantern placed next to a glass and brass shower enclosure.

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

Another great example of the dance between black, gold, and marble is this gorgeous bathroom. Every single element in this bathroom plays an important part in the big picture, but it goes without saying that marble is the one who brings it all home.


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