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Portable Bedroom Air Conditioner for Hot Flashes


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I’ve never been a person who tolerates being hot very well. That became especially true last June, when I underwent an emergency hysterectomy that thrust me into full-blown menopause — and a fierce battle with the debilitating hot flashes that came with it. Suddenly I was sweating through seemingly never-ending nights that I didn’t think I would get through, let alone sleep through.

With these hot flashes undermining my ability to get a good night’s rest, I knew I had to do something. I had AC, but if I kept it running at the temperature I needed, it made my partner too cold at night. I tried an oscillating tower fan on my side of the bed, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I spoke to my mom, who made a wise recommendation, that things started to look up — and cool down — for me. 

She suggested I get myself not just a regular fan, but one that functioned as a personal air conditioner as well. “Remember the fans we had at the house when you girls were growing up, the ones that you filled with water and ice? They really work and keep you cool — you should really look into it and get yourself one!” And that’s how I ended up finding the Neofeel Cooling Fan 50000mAh Portable Air Conditioner.

I was a bit skeptical about how well this product would work to cool me down, but to my surprise and delight, I was sold on it from the very first evening I set it up on my nightstand. With this mini machine I actually get three benefits from one unit, as it functions as a cooling unit, a humidifier, and a fan all in one — and it doesn’t take a huge hassle to set up and operate. I call it the SamSaver, since my name is Sam and it literally saved me.

I love that the top of the unit is fashioned with a convenient and sturdy handle that allows me to transport it from room to room, or in my case, from my nightstand to my kitchen sink for set-up. The water tank is easy to access — you can unlock it from the bottom of the unit and fill separately, or, if you’re feeling lazy, you can fill up the water tank from the top of the unit without unlocking and removing it, so you’ve got options. It holds 800 milliliters of water, sufficient for a night of operation if you choose to activate the humidifier feature. Note that for the fan option, no water or ice are needed; you just turn the unit on.

On that first night, I filled the tank with water and a few ice cubes for ultimate cooling, set the timer for eight-hour automatic shutdown (yes, this lil’ mama has a timer!), and hoped for the best. I immediately loved that the air grid on the front of the machine can be adjusted to customize the direction of the airflow.

Another plus: This machine is so darn quiet. The minor sound generated from the unit’s motor and blades does not disturb this light sleeper at all, and actually proves to be something soothing. I was (and still am!) pleasantly surprised at how cool this unit actually gets and how well it worked to keep me comfortable throughout the night. I was finally able to sleep soundly for several hours without being awakened by my body’s heat and sweat, and my sleepless nights are a thing of the past thanks to this machine.

If I had to share one downside to this product, it would be that it has a little indicator light that is activated once powered on. Not only do I require cool temps for sleep but also complete darkness — so I just cover the top of the unit with a cloth to block the light. Also, having to fill the unit with water and ice every night can be a slight drag, but it’s totally worth it if you are looking for something to cool you down quickly and efficiently.


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