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Polished Urban Oasis with Spectacular Desert Views in Arizona


A home should feel like a natural part of the landscape it sits in. This is when you get the most beautiful residences where unique design solutions let them stand out from the crowd. Of course, not every home has an opportunity to become a natural extension of the scenery around it. But Kendle Design Collaborative do all they can to try and ensure that the Desert Jewel Residence well and truly lives up to its name! This gorgeous contemporary home in Paradise Valley gleefully embraces the picturesque landscape it sits in even as a striking natural rock formation welcomes guests at the entrance.

Gorgeous front facade of the Desert Jewel Residence in Paradise Valley blends into the backdrop
Gorgeous front facade of the Desert Jewel Residence in Paradise Valley blends into the backdrop

A curated pathway meanders its way through this setting and leads to the entrance of the home that is neatly tucked behind the natural rock feature. Clean, straight lines, contemporary finishes and warm lighting paint a picture of modernity on the outside and once you step in, this appeal of modern luxury is taken to a whole different level. The open plan living area with glass walls all around seems to completely blur traditional lines between the interior and the outdoors. A captivating, dark stone fireplace delineates the kitchen and dining area from the outdoor hangout.

Brilliant use of polished white and black finishes along with concrete floor in the living area to create a charming contemporary setting
Gorgeous kitchen and dining area in white with clerestory windows and amazing views of the landscape
Marble and concrete shape the stunning entry of the Desert Jewel Residence
Natural rock outside the house becomes an important part of the overall narrative
Outdoor sitting area on other side of the fireplace seems like a natural extension of the interior
Stunningly beautiful living room of the home with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a polished, dark stone fireplace
Sunsets and sunrise seem just spectacular from this lovely open deck and pool

White is the color of choice for most finishes in here with concrete floors and clerestory windows shaping the living area and the bedroom. A spectacular outdoor sitting zone, pool, wine storage and tasting room, private wing and guest spaces complete this awesome desert home. [Photography: Kevin Brost]

Vast, open landscape, distant hills and semi-arid scenery surround this beautiful valley home
Winding entrance cuts across natural rock formation leading to the Desert Jewel Residence
Wine storage and tasting area along with entertainment zone at the home


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