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Petite Friture: bringing panache to patios | News | Architonic


Not so long ago, the choice of garden furniture was limited to a few pre-ordained styles: bistro-style tables, chairs made from white latticed ironwork, teak-slatted everything and blocky patio sofas and armchairs made from synthetic rattan and all-weather beige padding. Moves to blur the lines between our furnishings indoors and outdoors, boosted by enforced hosting under open skies over the past two years, has, however, opened up a whole new playground for our imagination.

With outdoor furniture specialists loosening up aesthetics to allow for creative curating outside as inside, while more generalist furniture design brands adapt their existing portfolio and new offerings to weather life in the back yard, the potential for exteriors to be honed to individual tastes and made as liveable as the living room is vast. ‘The last two years were full of surprises, driven by urgency and centred on the essentials; improving the comfort of our homes, setting up our outdoor spaces in order…


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