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Our Place Tiny Bowls Review


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If you’re anything like me, your mise en place might not always look quite so orderly. I find myself constantly using whatever mismatched mixing bowls, plastic containers, or Mason jars I have on hand for prepping ingredients. One minute I’m prepping a homemade spice rub in the base of a small plastic deli container, and the next I’m whipping up a dipping sauce for dumplings and bringing it to the dinner table in the first empty jar I can find. It was amateur hour over here, folks! Not only did I end up wasting ingredients by using containers that were way too big, but the presentation was also just not up to snuff.

Then, I discovered these adorable, stackable ceramic Tiny Bowls from editor-beloved brand Our Place, and let’s just say I immediately got points for my (dinner) presentation. Perfect for both meal prep and serving sides or garnishes, I actually now look for any excuse to whip out these super-cute, teensy bowls. Taco Tuesday at my place looks so much more put together now, let me tell you! But more on that below.

I love a versatile piece of dinnerware that seamlessly goes from meal prep in the kitchen to service on the dinner table, and these Tiny Bowls accomplish both tasks beautifully. These 6-ounce miniature bowls are sustainably made from recycled and virgin porcelain ceramic, so each one has just a slightly variated, hand-painted matte base with a glossy, speckled finish. They look like special pieces of pottery (because they are), not like ordinary tableware.

The bowls feel lightweight yet substantial, and they look gorgeous on my table. They come in sets of either four or eight, and the best part: These babies are stackable! I should also note that these bowls are oven safe, so they also work great for baking single-serving savory appetizers or desserts. Grab them in three chic colors: Spice, Steam, or Char.

So far, I’ve used these Tiny Bowls most regularly as pinch bowls for my favorite flaky sea salt, cracked black pepper, or spice rubs during meal prep. I’ve also used them for serving nuts, dried fruits, and olives on a charcuterie board, and most recently, I stepped up the style on taco night by using them for garnishes like cilantro, radishes, chopped onions, and fresh lime wedges.

If you’re looking for something that’s the perfect size for toppings, small treats, meal prep, and dessert, I really can’t recommend these versatile Tiny Bowls highly enough. From tacos to ice cream sundae spreads to mid-afternoon snacks, these bowls have already earned a special place in my permanent rotation.


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