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Our Hanging Chair Obsession Has Peaked | Architectural Digest


Sure, spending the afternoon on a poolside lounger is pretty blissful. But might we also suggest the wonder of the outdoor hanging chair? These simple, suspended seats have it all: A cocoon-like embrace to get comfy, basically built-in shade, the perfect breeze, and a gentle rocking motion that will likely lull you to sleep. Perhaps the best part of all: As this long, hot summer of continued social distancing chugs on, the hanging chair offers a totally solo place to get away from it all. Sharing is not only discouraged, it’s more or less impossible as far as we’re concerned. 

You can place one in pretty much any outdoor space where there’s a sturdy support system. For example, it can be your porch, on its very own stand, or on a branch if you’ve got one available. Apartment dwellers can also get creative here; a hanging chair is the perfect accent for a living room or bedroom—anywhere a reading nook might be welcome. Feast your eyes on hanging chairs of all styles—from sculptural rattan and practical canvas to washable nylon camping options. We’ve rounded up 16 that’ll help you get acquainted with all things hanging chair. Grab a book, a comfy pillow, or a cocktail and curl up.

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