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2 July 2022
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Office Partitions – How to Create Privacy in an Open Work Space



The open office culture has been around since the 1900s. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Larkin Administration Building in 1906, which was the first modern office. Ever since then the entire world has been using the open office plan. Here comes the need of office partitions.

Recently, multinational corporations like Google have adopted the open office structure. Despite its overwhelming success, the open office plan can infringe upon the privacy of your employees. Office partitions are an easy and affordable way to combat this problem. Here’s how office divider walls and partitions can help you create privacy in an open workspace.

Glass dividers:

Using glass partitions is a creative way of adding privacy without making your employees feel cramped. Excellent for blocking out the noise, glass dividers help create a quiet workspace.

Glass walls allow the entry of natural light into the office. They also help you keep your electricity bills to a minimum by keeping things bright.

Using frosted glass for private offices and conference rooms is also an excellent way to keep things private.

Demountable walls:

Do you want to set up a temporary conference room? 

Adding demountable walls is an easy and affordable way to create new spaces in the office without breaking the bank.

Demountable office walls provide the ultimate customization for your office. Thanks to its simple installation and uninstallation, you can design and rework your office space whenever you want.

Quiet Pods:

When it’s necessary for employees to block out the noise in order to focus, they can enter a quiet pod.

Decorative modern office partitions are an excellent choice for quiet pods. Well-placed pods provide the needed sense of seclusion without sacrificing valuable square footage. 

strategically space out your quiet pods within your workspace to encourage their use and increase the sense of adaptability between open and private spaces.


These are effective ways how you can create privacy in your open workspace.

Our team of experts is here to help whenever you need to revamp your office layout here in Florida. You can contact us at +786 557 5017 for all of your contemporary office partition needs right away or visit our website. 


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