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Office Fixed Windows Over Picture Windows: Why To Prefer?



Today, you can choose from a wide variety of window styles as a part of Modern Office Partitions. However, things can sometimes get overwhelming with the extensive list of choices. This blog aims to differentiate between two kinds of windows- fixed and picture. The aim is to shed some insight into which window is preferable for your office space.

What is a Fixed Window?

The configuration of a fixed window is in a close position. Windows are not movable. That is, they are non-operational and stationary. Sometimes they resemble picture windows. However, they possess thicker and larger frames.

The oversized frames of Office Fixed Windows ensure proper alignment with the sightlines of other adjacent operational windows. Unfortunately, these windows appear to be bolder with excess definition due to their exposed frames. 

The placement of fixed windows enhances the beauty of any room. However, these windows are generally put in hallways, bathrooms, and spaces with vaulted ceilings. The size and frame of fixed windows vary from small to large.

What are some benefits of fixed windows?

  • They facilitate the entrance of natural light
  • They do not obstruct any view
  • Fixed windows require low maintenance. They are not subjected to replacement due to weather stripping and the like
  • Cleaning these windows is relatively easier
  • They are energy efficient and provide insulation from cold air
  • In contemporary and modular office spaces, bold frames of fixed windows add architectural aesthetics.

What Are Picture Windows?

Pictures windows are stationary and large structures. They resemble fixed windows in some ways, but they have low-profile frames, unlike fixed windows. Their thinner frames maximise the exterior view. The central feature of picture windows is that they offer an unobstructed view.  

People prefer picture windows to enhance some beautiful views like that of the backyard. Usually, picture windows are placed in homes- dining areas, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.

What Are Some Benefits of Picture Windows?

  • They offer excellent and unobstructed views
  • It enhances the aesthetics of your homes
  • They make the buildings look larger
  • They facilitate proper illumination

Fixed Windows vs Picture Windows – What should you choose?

Both picture windows and fixed windows are pretty alike. Many consider picture windows to be a type of fixed window. However, there are a few differences that distinguish the two.

In-office settings, people usually prefer a fixed window. It is because they are better at providing insulation. 

In addition, they blend in with other operable windows that provide symmetry. The fixed windows are the suitable modern windows in any office space, given their insulation capabilities and unobstructed view.

Whereas picture windows are more helpful in enhancing the exterior view. They are pretty good and add elegance to any building, making them look bigger and better.

To Wrap Up

Both the windows are suitable for unobstructed views. However, the decision you need to make relies upon the size, frame, location, and overall configuration. 

In popular opinion, fixed windows are the best fit for every office design. They give a professional look to the workplace and let natural light into the area. Therefore, increases employee productivity with optimum illumination. 

To install fixed windows, contact Office Work Design today. The company studies the office space and designs windows accordingly. Whether it is the aesthetics or the planning concerning the location or material, Office Work Design takes care of it all!


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