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Is It Worth It to Purchase a Samsung the Frame TV? Here’s What You Must Know


The Samsung the Frame TV is a 4K television that mounts almost completely flat to a wall when mounted in portrait mode. However, it is not what distinguishes it because when you aren’t watching television, it will be showing images and artworks of high quality, which distinguishes it from other televisions and sets it apart from the competition. Yes, you are correct. When you are not watching television on it, you could nearly pass it off as a piece of original artwork that is framed and displayed on the wall.

It’s nearly because, due to the fact that it is backlit, it will never seem like an actual canvas or print that is hung on a wall. However, the quality is excellent, and you can alter the white balance and tone to make the image appear as genuine and natural as possible in your home lighting conditions. Undeniably, it has the appearance of art rather than just a large black box on the wall!

Samsung the Frame TV: What do you get in exchange for your money?

Samsung the Frame TV


You receive a high-quality smart TV as it supports Netflix and Hulu and stunning artwork that can be changed at the touch of a button! If you’re wondering what’s included in the package, you’ll find a 4K QLED TV, the hardware necessary to mount the TV on the wall, and something called a “One Connect Box.”

The One Connect Box then links to the Frame TV through a single small fiber-optic cable dubbed an invisible connection. That wire is sufficient to power it and connects it to all of your devices. It’s rather impressive.

What you do not receive for your money is a personalized TV frame. The TV’s frame is black plastic out of the box. True, it is frail. However, it does not resemble a picture frame and you might not even recognize it when you first began checking it, but it seems worth noting. To achieve the effect of a genuine art frame, you must purchase a bezel separately (they retail for roughly $150) or go for a more ornate frame such as these. Whatever frame you pick, it must be considered into the entire price of the Frame TV, which is already rather pricey.

Samsung the Frame TV: What is the best location for the One Connect Box?

Samsung the Frame TV


This was something that needed to be considered before you decide to buy the Samsung frame TV because the One Connect Box is not a little piece of equipment. It is 13.7 inches broad by 2.6 inches high by 5.4 inches deep. As long as you’re not mounting your TV above an entertainment center or any other type of console table, it shouldn’t be a problem–you can just place the One Connect Box in the piece of furniture. However, if you’re hanging a Frame TV over a fireplace, it’s unlikely that you’ll want a large, black One Connect Box sitting out in the open.

If you are fortunate enough to have an electrical device above your fireplace, consider yourself fortunate. As a result, you may find yourself cutting a hole in the drywall behind the television and installing a recessed media box to house our One Connect Box and other components in the long run. 

Samsung the Frame TV: What are other things that can be done with the Frame TV?

According to what has previously been said on this page, you may use the “art mode” to show artwork on it! This is the most important feature for most individuals who desire a television that will blend in smoothly with their existing home décor. You may also show your high-resolution artwork on a digital mat, which will make it appear even more lifelike.

However, you have the option of displaying family images or any other photographs you like! You have the option of having your Frame TV display one piece of art or photo at a time, or you may have it cycle between them as in a slideshow.

Samsung the Frame TV:  What are its unique features?

Samsung the Frame TV


Various features are exclusive to the Samsung Frame TV, most of which are not even realized until after the television has been installed on the wall and the user has begun to use it. First and foremost, the no-gap wall mount that comes with the TV is just fantastic. It allows you to attach your television straight to the wall, much like you would a piece of art. Typical TV mounts provide some inches of space behind them while they are not being used.

One of the most favorite features is that when you turn your television “off,” the artwork you’ve selected is displayed on the screen. In addition, the Frame TV is equipped with a motion sensor! As a result, when you go to bed, it gradually turns off the screen completely. However, by the time you are going to step back into the room, the artwork will then start to appear on the screen again.

But, you must take note that there are some televisions that cause the image to be permanently burned into the television’s display when you leave a picture on the screen for an extended length of time. However, Samsung uses LED Quantum Dot technology, which, according to reports, prevents pictures from being burnt into the screen and this also implies that the visuals displayed on the screen are extremely lifelike and crisp.

The advantage and disadvantages of the Samsung Frame TV

Samsung the Frame TV


Pro: It sits flat against the wall and may be used to display artwork while the television is not in use without burning the screen. It also has good image quality when viewing movies or television. It is available in a range of sizes (32-inch, 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch)

Con: It is pricey, you must purchase a frame/bezel separately, and the One Connect Box must be stored or hidden in a safe or secure location.

The best pricing for the Samsung Frame TV

In the event that you have been planning your fireplace renovation job for some time and you are looking for a frame television, you can describe your quest as one for a decent offer. 


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