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Inside a Norm Architects Designer’s 1917 Brick Villa in Copenhagen | Architectural Digest


Frederik Alexander Werner, a designer and partner at Norm Architects, his partner Julie Thaning, and their two-year-old daughter Fiona have brought new life to the old brick villa in Copenhagen that they now call home. Following Frederik’s reimagining of the house, it now evokes a Case Study design, but combined with Norm Architects’ signature look—iridescent cream colors and earth tones, lots of oak, and Scandinavian ceramics paired with bouclé fabrics and rice paper lamps. “To be honest, most of our furniture, lights, and our kitchen were designed by my colleagues or myself,” says Frederik. According to the designer, there are two reasons for this: first, he feels some satisfaction living with objects that began as his own sketches on paper, and second, it is the best way for him to test his work—by living with it.

The color and material palette is typical of Norm Architects.

Bjerre Poulsen

On the right, you can see the historic wooden beams.

Bjerre Poulsen

Frederik and his partner bought the house in early 2020, knowing that they had a serious renovation project ahead. “We relocated the kitchen and the entryway, and we removed the floors and roof to make three rooms out of the two on the first floor. We also replaced all the electrical installation, heating, water, and drainage and made the house more climate-friendly by insulating the foundation and the outer facade while cladding it with solid wood.” The house had not been renovated for around 70 years, and in some areas, only the brick walls and wooden beams could be restored.

The Profile kitchen for Reform.

Bjerre Poulsen

Norm Architects also designed the Profile kitchen for Reform. It was a central part of the new home for Frederik and his partner, leading them to open up the floor plan to create a large kitchen with an adjoining dining room. The designer sees the kitchen fronts as a “calm and quiet background in which only the textures of the wood serve as ornament.” That suits Norm, and also Frederik. This house has become his retreat. “At Norm Architects, we firmly believe that surrounding ourselves with natural materials and colors contributes to our well-being,” he says. “This is how we create a sanctuary in this hectic world.”


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