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Hypothesis: JIPO’s Porcelain Lab Ware Is Pretty Enough to Bring Home


Remodelista editors have a soft spot for nerdy laboratory ware (think beakers, measuring cups, pestles, and the like). We admire the clean lines, the visible measurements, the no-nonsense utility, the intimation of lab coats and goggles. Recently, we discovered especially refined versions by Czech company JIPO, which has been in the business of producing such research tools since 1947.

JIPO’s products can be found on websites with names like Laboratory Supplies and Bio-Strategy. But they’re also at discriminating stores like the UK’s Labour & Wait, a Remodelista favorite for well-designed utilitarian wares, and NYC’s Roman and Williams Guild, where we first spotted them. The brand is also represented at several Japanese housewares shops.

Our non-scientific assessment: JIPO’s line of porcelain lab ware will fit right into any space that values form and function equally. Have a look.

japanese store itotoki carries the microwave  and dishwasher safe beakers in th 9
Above: Japanese store Itotoki carries the microwave- and dishwasher-safe Beakers in three sizes (the largest is a little more than 6 inches high); ¥1,870 to ¥2,970.
jipo’s round porcelain slates start at ¥1,980 at itotoki. 10
Above: JIPO’s Round Porcelain Slates start at ¥1,980 at Itotoki.
jipo’s measuring pitchers are heavier than its other porcelain prod 11
Above: JIPO’s Measuring Pitchers are heavier than its other porcelain products; from ¥2,860 at Itotoki.
rw guild carries jipo’s shallow nesting pouring dishes in three siz 12
Above: RW Guild carries JIPO’s Shallow Nesting Pouring Dishes in three sizes (the largest is about 10.5 inches across); $28 to $64.
Above: Its porcelain Pestle and Stirring Spoon are $10 and $24, respectively at RW Guild.
jipo calls this product a plate with cavities. rw guild calls it a mini paint p 15
Above: JIPO calls this product a Plate With Cavities. RW Guild calls it a Mini Paint Palette; $14.

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