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31 October 2023
How to Create Ergonomic & Productive Cubicle Workspace
4 November 2023

How to Plan An Office Move: Step-By-Step Relocation Plan


These are the major relocation project milestones with their approximate duration. For projects of a larger scope, these stages may take longer.

Step 1: Define budgets and costs

An office relocation will likely be one of the largest investments your business makes, and with all of the building-related costs, logistical fees and capital expenditure it can be very easy to run over budget.

Break your move down into the different cost categories and aim to get a range of quotes for each in order to draw up a detailed budget for the entire project. We would typically recommend five core categories for your potential expenditure:

• Building-related (e.g., rent, maintenance, dilapidations)
• Advisory fees (e.g., property agents, legal advice, audits)
• Capital expenditure (e.g., fit-out, IT infrastructure, furniture)
• Logistical fees (move management)
• Soft costs (e.g., insurances, staff training)

As a part of this step, you may want to explore cost savings to maximise the value and savings from the project. This could be different lease options, allowances (e.g., sustainability) or landlord contributions.


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