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How Much does an Office Fit Out Cost in 2022


Based on our research, we’ve found a standard 10,000 sq ft project will usually fit within these cost parameters. However, this pricing is based on several assumptions, such as the base build and Cat A power and HVAC requirements being in a suitable condition.

By asking these fundamental questions, you can begin to understand the potential expenditure and budgetary requirements.

Do you need cosmetic or structural changes to the building?

When considering your new workspace, are the changes wholly cosmetic (e.g. decorating, new flooring) or will you need to develop the architecture of the building (e.g. new walls and doorways). If you’re considering the latter, your costs will be higher due to the complexity of the work.

Adaptability and Flexibility in the workplace

What AV and ICT systems do you require?

Once the integration of technology into the workplace was seen as extraneous to the design and fit out. Current tendency is to incorporate these systems into the space planning and furniture specification. Your ICT and AV systems will determine, among many factors, chiefly your ability to be flexible, productive and collaborative in today’s market.

What furniture requirements do you need?

Whether you are creating a meeting room or an entire sales floor, you’ll want to make the most of that environment. The correct furniture specification will ensure staff can work safely, comfortably and apply the necessary tools to perform at the best of their abilities.

In recent years, we’ve seen historically overlooked furniture aspects becoming commonplace in workplaces, such as sit/stand desking, task lighting and acoustic panelling. We believe this demonstrates a trend towards companies paying more attention to the health and wellbeing of their staff.

When do you want the changes made?

Your timeline will shape your costs. Usually the shorter the timeline, the more out of hours and weekend work you’ll require. A typical fit out for a 1,000 sq m project is 10-12 weeks, but this can be shortened or extended to meet your programme.


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