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How Long Does an Office Fit Out Take?


What stages are involved in an office fit out?

1. Appoint Commercial Agent

2 weeks

The property market is constantly fluctuating and you’ll need a clear view of what to expect from your search for a new space. Hiring a commercial agent can help you find a new office and simplify the building search process so you can view properties that meet your budget expectations and requirements.

2. Workplace Consultancy

4 weeks

Understanding the way your business operates and how your people occupy your office can provide valuable data to base workplace decisions on. By reviewing your current workplace, you can evaluate what you want to bring to your new space. You will not only discover what works and improve the functionality of your business, but you can enhance the wellbeing of your employees by creating a more practical environment to suit their needs.

3. Test Fits

2 weeks

A test fit is essentially a floor plan which will confirm that the space you’ve chosen will meet your requirements and can accommodate your business needs. This time is essential for getting an early idea of what your office layout could look like.

4. Lease Negotiations

8-12 weeks

It’s time to find the best deal with your new landlord for your future lease, although bear in mind that your landlord will have their own priorities to fulfil during the negotiation stage. Consult with your agent during this process to ensure you get the most out of your new contract.

5. Selection and Appointment of Contractor

6-8 weeks

You will have a selection of contractors to choose from and you must weigh the different proposals against one another to find the best solution for your project. Once you have decided on your preferred contractor, you can move forward with the next stages of your fit out.

6. Design Development

4-8 weeks

Your aspirations and brief for your new space are the key tools for designers to construct the best plans for your new space. Through workshops and meetings with your design team, you will work together to develop ideas and shape the look and feel of your new space. This is a key time in the process to make final decisions and flag any changes you would like to make to the design.

7. Furniture Review

3-7 weeks

Finding the right furniture for your new office is achieved in collaboration with the furniture and design team of your fit out partner. You’ll get to explore different materials, colours and styles during workshops and showroom tours to find the perfect instruments for a functional office.

8. Place Furniture Order

1-2 weeks

Your selection of furniture will be confirmed and your fit out team will liaise the best pricing and finishes from suppliers before placing the final order. If there are any issues with your order then there is time to discuss substitutions and find alternatives.

9. Construction

6-14 weeks

One of the main differences between design and build and traditional is the speed of the construction phase. While the build element of your project will likely be the longest part of your office fit out, it will vary depending on the complexity and size of your space.

10. Furniture Installation

1 week

This is where your new space really transforms into a working office. Your furniture team will liaise with the construction team to work out when site is ready for installation to commence. They will then confer with the furniture suppliers to plan the delivery to site before installing your order.

11. Relocation

1 week

Depending on the size of your company, the relocation phase may take place in stages to ensure your business continues uninterrupted, moving one floor or team at a time. This is where your technology, communications equipment and essential business operations are installed into your new office.

12. Occupation

It’s time to move into your new office. Once you have taken occupation of your new office, you will be supported by the aftercare team who will be available to help you through any transitional changes following the completion of your office fit out.


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