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Home Areas Where Clients Splurge, According to Interior Designers


Decorating and furnishing an entire home is no small or inexpensive process, so clients undertaking major redesigns often have to be a bit picky about where they’re willing to spend a little extra.

“It goes without saying that kitchens and bathrooms are typically the two areas that people are willing to splurge on or put some type of investment into,” says designer Ashley Danielle Hunte of Style Meets Strategy. “It’s great for resale value in the future.”

But these definitely aren’t the only spaces where clients are willing to shell out a bit more cash. Apartment Therapy asked designers to weigh in on which areas are getting the most attention these days.

“We have seen an interesting (and dare I say long overdue) trend in investing healthy portions of the budget into crazily fun playrooms/game rooms. These game rooms provide endless entertainment for every family member and have undeniably become a destination spot when entertaining.” —Designer Diane Rath of The Rath Project in New York and Connecticut

Primary Bathrooms — Specifically the Tub

“Every primary bathroom I’ve designed in the last year features a luxurious bathtub. During a time when self-care has become more important than ever, people seem to be looking for ways to treat themselves at home. Soaking in a bath has proven health benefits and a gorgeous soaker tub offers homeowners a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home. Plus, they look lovely when not in use!” —Designer Lindsey Gregg of LSG Interiors in Wilmington, North Carolina

“I think this is a surprising place that clients like to spend money. It feels contained and special. A spot to go a little wild with the design and really splurge on one or two elements, such as a marble sink, expensive mosaic tile, or wallpaper. ” —Designer Claire Staszak of Centered by Design in Chicago, Illinois

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