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1 April 2022
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1 April 2022

HD Expo + Conference: not just business as usual | News | Architonic

Few sectors have been so thoroughly side-swiped by the COVID-19 pandemic as hospitality. But with the great re-opening gathering pace – especially in the US and Europe – the industry is again looking forward, re-calibrating and re-imagining services and spaces. From the niche and boutique to global titans, the sector is primed for renewal and ready to soak up and act on fresh stories, ideas and inspiration, aware that business as usual is not an option.

The hospitality industry is built on relationships, contact and instant communities. It relies on, and generates, the very sharpest intelligence on shifts in consumer demand. And it loves coming together to compare notes. The pandemic took those opportunities away but here too there is good news. A circumscribed version of Hospitality Design magazine’s <a href ="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">HD Expo + Conference</a>, a key industry coming together, return…

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