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7 September 2023
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10 September 2023

Handcrafted Design for Minimalist Washbasins and Baths


As contemporary interpretations of the washbasin, both the free-standing version and the bowl basin share an inner diameter of 340 mm, in which the basin tapers conically towards the waste outlet. The “Pedestal” floor-standing basin, with a height of 865 mm, resembles a minimalist sculpture in the bathroom. This round washbasin is elevated on a slender, cone-shaped pedestal, giving it a floating sensation in front of the wall. The pedestal, also crafted from glazed titanium steel, ingeniously conceals the plumbing and fixtures taking up minimal space. In addition, it provides ample room for a faucet, offering the versatility of using a traditional sink faucet if necessary, as an alternative to a floor or wall-mounted option.


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