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By now, you probably know that one of the most economical ways to transform a space is with a gallon of paint. But many homeowners and renters say painting is one of their least favorite home improvement tasks, often because of how boring it is.

Of course, there’s one crucial step to take if you want to truly love your next paint project: watching the paint dry.

Unlike taping, rolling, and brushing, which can all get repetitive, sitting down to take in the slow air drying of a fresh coat of latex paint ramps up the “fun” factor in any project. I mean come on, when you think of delightful activities that make time simply fly by, you probably think of watching grass grow, watching water boil, and yes, watching paint dry. Nothing hits quite like that sight of the glistening, fresh paint sloooooowly settling in and becoming matte. Some may enjoy “Love Is Blind” or “Bridgerton,” but once you start doing this, you’ll understand real entertainment.

Here, three tips for maximizing your paint watching experience so you can enjoy your DIY like the pros do.

Novices might be tempted to take on this task standing up, but there’s a better way. Instead of spending four or more hours on your feet, pull up a seat. Not sure where to find one? Try an empty crate, an overturned wheelbarrow, a pile of boots, or even a dining chair.

Many DIYs double as cardio, and paint watching is no different. If you’re planning to watch the paint dry in your next project, don’t forget to pack a snack. Beginners can try boxed candies or fountain sodas; more experienced paint watchers can opt for buttered popcorn or Dippin’ Dots (the ice cream of the future).

Unlike painting, paint watching isn’t about precision. Embrace the imperfections of the process — they’re part of the charm. And, of course: Happy April Fools’ Day!

Megan Baker

Home Projects Editor

Megan is a writer and editor who specializes in home upgrades, DIY projects, hacks, and design. Before Apartment Therapy, she was an editor at HGTV Magazine and This Old House Magazine. Megan has a degree in Magazine Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She is a self-taught weighted blanket connoisseur.


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