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2 August 2023
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6 August 2023

Five reasons countertop basins clean up a bathroom’s style


Often without their own holes for taps, countertop basins afford designers creative freedom over exactly where, and how, to serve them with water. Wall-fixed taps, for example, can be positioned anywhere on a vertical line above the basin, a pleasing equidistance between basin and mirror, for example. Meanwhile, tall countertop-fixed taps are a perfect solution, when combined with circular basins like the Udinesse Concrete basin from ConSpire, to fit neatly into the small corner created along the edge of the basin. Alternatively, Fantini has taken the creative freedom of tap positioning to, arguably, its most extreme with the Fontane Bianche Salvatore + Fantini mixer, which can protrude down all the way from the ceiling, up to 135cm.


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