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Features To Look For When Buying a House if You’re Planning For Children

Buying a family home is an important life decision. Having children will drastically change your priorities, and your current home will likely feel cramped. If you see yourself as a parent soon, you should consider a few things when viewing properties. In this post, we share the most crucial things to look for when buying a house to accommodate your growing family. These tips will help you avoid the most common mistakes.


Location is a crucial factor when buying your new home. Check the schools in the neighborhood and see if they are a good fit. In addition, parents with children prefer to have kid-friendly amenities as close as possible. Parks, walking tracks, and family restaurants are some things to look for. Keep in mind that priorities change when you have children, so put your family’s needs first when looking for a new neighborhood. 


A suitable layout should accommodate every family member and provide a common area for spending quality time together. An open-plan home is excellent for monitoring young children and promoting closeness. 

As your family expands, you will need extra space to accommodate their needs. Kids grow up so fast, and they might need their privacy sooner than you think. Since moving to a larger house can be costly, consider buying a property with potential for expansion in the future. If the home has a basement, you can finish it to expand the living space and add extra rooms. Also, consider the possibility of loft extensions or other upgrades that will increase the square footage. 


Even though the available storage options are enough to accommodate your needs, it is better to think long-term. At a certain point, your home may feel cluttered with toys and other possessions. The ideal family home should have enough storage for everyone, or at least the space for it in the future. 

Ample outdoor space

When you have a family, ample outdoor space is a significant advantage. Your garden will become a safe play area for kids, offering endless hours of fun and joy. In addition, a comfy seating area on the patio is an excellent option for outdoor entertainment and al fresco dining. 

Convenient parking

When you have kids, you’ll want to have an accessible parking spot. You won’t want to carry groceries and strollers from the road, so avoid homes with street parking. Additionally, as your family grows, you might need more than one vehicle. Therefore, look for a home with ample parking space.  

An open plan home allows easy monitoring (from Unsplash)
An open-plan home allows easy monitoring (from Unsplash)
A straightforward layout for uninterrupted traffic flow (from Unsplash)
The perfect home should accommodate your growing family (from Unsplash)
A cozy patio is ideal for family entertainment (from Unsplash)
Proper storage options to conceal any clutter (from Houzz)
Turn the extra space into a playroom (from Houzz)
Home theater for family entertainment (from Houzz)
Make sure your home has plenty of storage space (from Houzz)
Fenced backyards ensure safety (from Houzz)

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