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6 April 2022
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6 April 2022

Embracing the darkness with Karcher Design’s Black Edition

Black is the new black. While designers and architects will always seek at particular times to employ certain on-trend colours, dependable, reliable black is itself coming back as a trend. Black is, however, more than that, of course: it is the ultimate timeless classic, a colour indeed with which art history could be said to have begun in the famous cave of Lascaux and which still consistently continues to help shape fashion and design today.

And while it is not always so straightforward to effectively transfer the dark depth of this colour to the surface of objects, German handle specialist Karcher Design is a company that can boast of a multi-award-winning surface treatment that has set new standards in terms of colour design. Cosmos Black has been impressing experts since it was first launched at BAU 2017, showing how it’s possible to reflect the dark vastness of the universe onto more down-to-earth surfaces.

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