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20 August 2023
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21 August 2023

Design Modern Co-Working Spaces – Planning Interiors, Inc.


In an era of flexible work arrangements and dynamic collaboration, co-working spaces have skyrocketed in popularity. These vibrant hubs stand as a unique place where professionals from various fields can come together to share ideas, network, and drive innovation. If you’re looking to re-design a co-working space to have a more modern, functional, and collaboration-inducing feel, there’s a dizzying array of things to consider.

Our team at Planning Interiors has been designing commercial interior spaces for over a decade. When it comes to designing co-working spaces, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to get it right:

Define Your Vision

The first step to designing an aesthetically pleasing yet functional co-working space is this: speak with your team about what your vision for the space is. Do you want to attract startups? Are you looking to house freelancers? Maybe a mix of both? Having a vision for the space and the kinds of folks you’d like using it will help steer your design choices and, ultimately, create a cohesive, beautiful atmosphere.

Get Flexible

There’s no way around it: flexibility is the cornerstone of a quality co-working space. Use modular furniture, movable partitions, and adaptable layouts so members can customize their work areas. Spaces that can seamlessly transform from individual workstations to collaborative zones are great for promoting versatility and ensuring that every professional–regardless of their working preferences and needs–has a place to focus.

Strike a Balance Between Openness and Privacy

Striking the right balance between open collaboration and private concentration is crucial. Create dedicated quiet areas, phone booths, and meeting rooms where members can focus on tasks or hold discussions without distractions to make this happen!

Foster Community Interaction

A successful co-working space thrives on the sense of community it cultivates. Try to incorporate communal areas like kitchenettes, lounges, and event spaces into the co-working space so you can create an environment that encourages spontaneous interactions, networking, and knowledge-sharing among members.

Be Thoughtful with Your Furniture Selection

It goes without saying that ergonomics and comfort play an essential role in stimulating productivity and a health-conscious environment. Integrate ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks, and cozy lounge seating that encourage healthy work habits and offer members a comfortable work environment.

Get Tech Savvy

Today’s co-working spaces must seamlessly integrate technology. High-speed internet, power outlets, and charging stations should be easily accessible to cater to the tech-savvy needs of members. Consider incorporating smart boards, video conferencing tools, and collaboration software to enhance connectivity.

Foster Community Interaction

A successful co-working space thrives on the sense of community it cultivates. Design communal areas like kitchenettes, lounges, and event spaces that encourage spontaneous interactions, networking, and knowledge-sharing among members.

Greenery and Biophilic Elements

It’s no secret that adding plant-life and biophilic elements to a commercial space is key to boosting overall happiness and keeping stress at bay. Whenever you can, use indoor plants, living walls, and organic materials throughout your co-working space to add some life and vibrancy to the atmosphere.

Atlanta’s Premier Commercial Interior Design Team for Help

A modern co-working space requires a careful blend of aesthetics, functionality, and community-oriented design to thrive. Now, every commercial space is unique and has different needs, so it’s important to keep that in mind when executing your design plan.

If you’re looking for a commercial interior designer to help you design your Atlanta coworking space, rest assured that the Planning Interiors team would be more than happy to lend a hand. Please contact us at danderson@planning-interiors.com or call us at 678.732.3946 and we can get started!


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