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Aldi’s Fan-Favorite Accent Cabinet Has Returned to Stores


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If you didn’t know already, Aldi doesn’t just have everything you need to cook up a delicious meal. The grocery giants also carry stylish homeware that is constantly a fan-favorite, selling out time and time again. The Aldi SOHL Accent Cabinet is no exception.

Affordable, eye-catching, and ideal for a multitude of uses, the SOHL Furniture Two-Door Cabinet is an impressive piece that will look great in living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, or even bedrooms.

Restocked in the ivory colorway, the cabinet is a simple way to make a statement. The light hue will help brighten up any room, while the glass paneled double doors allow you to display your favorite items with pride.

Aldi fans have been showing off their SOHL cabinets in the “ALDI Aisle of Shame Community” Facebook group. The popular group has amassed 1.2 million members since it was first created in August 2019—it even has its own line of merchandise.

“S/o to hubby for putting my cabinet together! Loaded it with all of my ALDI candles and now I need another one.” they wrote in the post.

With over 500 comments, fellow Aldi shoppers were just as impressed as I am.

“Dang girl. Great candle collection.I need to find the cabinets. Got a white one last week but would love two grey ones.” said one person.

“When you have so many Aldi things you have to buy something at Aldi to keep your Aldi things in. Same girl, same.” commented another.

A third person wrote: “The cabinet is very nice, and I like the decorative candle holder too!”

The SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet is available from select Aldi stores now, priced at $79.99. See you in the middle aisle!


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