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24 December 2023
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24 December 2023

A Creative London Couple Turned Their Kitchen ‘Practical Magic’ Green


Tom Pyne and Lara Goodison started things slow. When they first came across this historic building in southwest London, they got butterflies from its location alone. “It’s nestled on the banks of the river Thames, down the road from the charming village of Barnes,” Lara says. “The view of the water is incredibly calming and offers an escape from the hustle of the city, and the building itself has lovely period features.”

As a young married couple where both work as creatives—Tom started the clothing brand Chelsea Peers and Lara cofounded the art company Brush and Bubbles—they rented until a chance to own an apartment within the same building arose. By then, of course, they were so in love with the setting that they decided to go all in. But it must be said: They knew that such a decision meant accepting all their new home’s faults.

AFTER: The couple hoped to achieve “Practical Magic chic” with a moody palette that fully saturated the kitchen. They worked with Devol to mix a custom green shade, which covers the walls, ceiling, and cabinets.


“When we bought the property, the kitchen had insufficient natural light, and all the original features had been lost over the years,” Tom says. “Our home often serves as a hub for late-night brainstorming sessions and doubles as a backdrop for impromptu fashion shoots and as an art studio. There are often lots of random things going on!”

Tom and Lara started a full gut renovation of their home last March, which wrapped up earlier this year, and they hired Devol to overhaul the kitchen and dining room in a style that would unite the past with their present. “We wanted to create a calming and moody space,” Tom says.

Location: Barnes, London. “Barnes is a hidden gem within the city, boasting a unique blend of urban vibrancy and village tranquility,” Tom says. “There are independent boutiques, a classic cinema, and lush parks.”


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