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25 February 2022
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25 February 2022

A Beautiful Garden Is an Architectural Masterpiece and These are Our Favorites Worldwide


Whether or not you have the proverbial green thumb, you can’t deny that a beautiful garden is the ultimate calming oasis. Whether it’s filled with colorful plots of fragrant blooms or neat rows of towering trees, the public gravitates to these spaces across the globe. Luckily, for anyone in need of a sweet-smelling escape, the world is chock-full of architectural gardens that make even the busiest cities feel serene. Some are old and have been firmly planted in their cities of residence for hundreds of years, while others are technological achievements of the 21st century, but all of them are equally beloved. 

From the acres-wide beautiful garden at Versailles to New York City’s Little Island that opened on the Hudson River in the middle of 2021, there are beautifully landscaped gardens everywhere. You just have to know where to find them. Here are 12 of our favorites, from Rio de Janeiro to London.


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