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7 Under-the-Radar Shopping Resources for Decorating on a Budget


No matter how experienced you are with furnishing or decorating a home, you’re probably very familiar with offerings from IKEA, big-box stores, and even someplace like Facebook Marketplace.

Want to expand your options for interior design resources? Look no further than this list of lesser-known spots. Obviously “budget-friendly” is a relative term (something you’ll learn extremely quickly when kitting out an apartment for the first time), but these places all offer comparatively affordable options in their respective categories. (And for a roundup of interior design options for every budget and level of comfort, click here.)

Walls looking a little bare? Meet 20×200. The company, whose motto is “Art for Everyone,” sells everything from limited-edition art to mass-produced posters. Totally unsure of what you’re looking for? The site is even organized by mood, like “Dark + Mysterious” or “Neat + Organized.”

Do you ever spot IKEA hacks and think, “That looks fantastic but I’d rather not commit to a full DIY?” Norse Interiors is here to save the day. The company is dedicated to helping you customize your IKEA finds, selling everything from new panels for your dressers and cabinets to legs that you can add to nearly any piece of block furniture that the big-box store sells.

Harmati is fairly new to the design scene, having debuted in 2020. But the brand, which is also sold on Amazon, is quickly gaining recognition for it’s small space-focused furniture. They call their signature style “Modern Warm.”

LiveAuctioneers has been around for a while, but it’s been especially clutch as more and more people turn to virtual resources. The website brings together auctions from all over the country under a single umbrella, allowing you to set alerts and search for items that you’re looking for without exploring auctioneers one-by-one. Of course, prices vary a lot by item here.

Living in a rental means you face restrictions when it comes to making your space your own. If you haven’t considered removable wallpaper yet, please meet Chasing Paper, which has one of the most gorgeous and eclectic selections that you would never know is peel-and-stick.

Founded by interior designer Christiane Lemieux, The Inside takes the custom furniture world to a more accessible price point. You can choose from more than 100 fabric options for furniture that ranges from full bed frames and headboards to desk chairs, ottomans, and more.

If you live in an apartment smaller than your childhood bedroom, check out Compact Appliance for appliances that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to fit in your current space. The retailer, which caters specifically to smaller spaces, stocks everything from mini fridges to air conditioners.


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