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14 Best Towels on Amazon, According to More Than 120,000 Reviewers


We’re always ready to treat ourselves to a nice set of new towels. A truly luxurious, fancy bath towel can be one of life’s real pleasures. The thing is the good ones tend to be very expensive (though never underestimate a good sale). And, as we all know from a life spent using bath towels, even the finest of them won’t last forever (mascara smudges are the devil). Sometimes you just need a good towel at a good price. So, naturally, we went looking for the best towels on Amazon.

We were hoping to find a set that wasn’t too pricey but still high-quality, as well as amply fluffy, quick-drying, and available in a variety of colors. We also wanted bath towels with an avalanche of really glowing reviews—because the best critics are those who have and use them on a daily basis.

As we went looking, however, it became apparent that we would need to broaden our considerations. The quality of the material and construction would also factor in: Chemical- and pesticide-free choices won out over cotton of unknown origins or microfiber, and double-stitched hems were deemed preferable to single (though we did make a few exceptions when we found especially good towels). The choice is ultimately yours, but we did our best to highlight the features that tended to be crowd-pleasers.

Read on to check out our top picks of best-selling towels, including Turkish towels, waffle towels, and more!

Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Cotton

  • 5-star reviews: 12,000+
  • Size: 27″ x 54″

Crafted in the city of Denizli, these plush bath towels are made of soft and downy 100% Turkish cotton and come in over 10 rich color options. The quality feels luxurious and stays rich to the touch over time, as one buyer attested to in their review: “They feel like towels from a posh hotel, they have worn well, looking as good now as the day we bought them.” Another reviewer echoed the longevity of the towels, pointing out how the “fibers don’t ball up” and that the seams hold steady through regular use.

Other reviewers praise their size. Clocking in at a slightly oversized 27” x 54”, this set of luxe Turkish towels pushes the real estate just over the edge into extra-large territory. One buyer wrote that it’s the optimal balance of big enough to swaddle yourself in post-shower, but not so big that they “swallow you up.”

Salbakos Organic Turkish Bath Towels

SALBAKOS Organic Turkish Cotton Hotel Bath Towel

  • 5-star reviews: 7,000+
  • Size: 27″ x 54″


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