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11 Balsam Hill Black Friday Sale Deals: Save Up to 50% Off the Best Fake Trees Around


If you are looking for the most perfect, realistic-looking artificial Christmas tree, there’s no better place to start than with the Balsam Hill Black Friday sale. The perfect tree will cost you (after all, you can use it for many, many years to come), but the beloved brand is offering up to 60% off of their most popular trees, as well as tons of amazing ornaments, garlands, and other decor. The sale started on December 20 and will last through February, but many of the most popular options will sell out, so we recommend you don’t wait until Santa has shimmied down the chimney for this one.

Balsam Hill uses their True Needle technology to ensure that the many different species of trees are as realistically depicted as possible. They also work with Twinkly, which makes the best, brightest, and most dependable lights that will last for seasons to come. If you’re not in the market for a tree, it’s still worth checking out Balsam Hill’s incredibly detailed ornaments. They come in sets and they even allow you to choose how many ornaments you want to be included so that you can decorate an entire space with your new baubles if you want.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks from the sale below.

Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Tree

Feast your eyes on the most popular tree among Clever readers in 2022. The Balsam Hill Fraser Fir is a classic. Seriously, if you closed your eyes and thought, Christmas tree, you’d probably be picturing something that looks just like this. You can save more than $500 off this tree if you shop while the sale lasts.

Our reviewer, Divya Viswanathan, had this to say about her new tree: “I’m totally obsessed with real Fraser Christmas trees, and let me tell you, this one blew me away. And can we talk about how full and perfectly shaped it is? It’s like the Christmas tree of my dreams. Plus, no stressing about overwatering or my kids making a mess. It’s a game-changer for our holiday setup, especially in our apartment with its unpredictable temperatures. So glad I went for it!”

For a super full, super festive tree, this is the way to go. All of the needles are made to look exactly like an actual Blue Spruce, and you can choose between different heights and light colors.

This little Woodland Spruce looks super full and comes in several different heights and light colors. The hearty trees also come with easy light features that offer plug-ins in the tree’s trunk so that they aren’t noticeable.

Channel your inner Kathy Hilton and go frosted. Choose from sizes ranging from 5.5—9 feet with this frosted Frasier Fir. All of the needles are crafted to look like a real tree and it’s perfectly full and durable. Plus, with the lights already activated, there’s one less step required for decorating the tree.

Outdoor Kaleidoscope Foliage

Channel some creative color for your holiday decor. This beautiful kaleidoscope wreath comes with stunning ornaments and LED lights. The lights can stay on for up to six hours and it comes with a built-in timer.

Balsam Hill Outdoor Winter Evergreen Foliage

Another one of our favorite wreaths, this one is all about the classic touches. Pinecones, red berries and white lights, what more could you ask for?

Keep it minimalist with this streamlined option. You can leave it simple with the twinkly lights or dress it up with your favorite decorations.

Or, go for something totally unexpected. We like that the deep purple leaves on this wreath feel festive and on brand in a sort of goth way.

Biltmore Legacy Ornament Set

This set of six ornaments includes glass balls with gold, glittery paint designs. There are other corresponding ornaments that can be included in ornament sets going up to 70 pieces.

Alpine Grove Ornament Set

This comprehensive set includes 35 woodsy ornaments, including a squirrel with a fluffy tail, pinecones, and feather- and glitter-clad ornaments. They are all hand-painted and would make any tree or garland a bit more merry.

Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag

It’s not all trees on offer at the Balsam Hill Black Friday sale. If you are looking for the best tree storage bag to keep your tree spic and span all year long, this is it. You can choose between different sizes, but all of them feature a stand that rolls, as well as a full-size bag that is completely weatherproof.


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