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10 Modern Murphy Beds Perfect for Small Spaces 2022


Murphy beds — also known as wall beds — have long been popular with small-space dwellers, and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only do these convertible beds fold up nicely when not in use, but a good wall bed can also make a cramped studio apartment feel like a true two-bedroom in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, finding attractive Murphy beds that won’t take up a ton of space isn’t nearly as easy. With all the options the web has to offer (think: wall beds with bookshelves, storage units, and even hidden desks), picking one out that isn’t too bulky or big for your budget can prove quite tricky. To help you save space in your small home (and, you know, have a proper bed … ), we rounded up the best modern Murphy beds we could find. Read on for 10 surprisingly sleek and stylish wall beds that are guaranteed to transform your tiny apartment.


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