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ZENB Gluten Free Pasta Review

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Growing up with an Italian father meant pasta was the norm for dinner. Sure, sometimes we had scaloppini, risotto, or sometimes even lasagna, but more often than not, it was pasta. Thats why, when I found out I was a celiac, I thought my parents might actually disown me. I stressed over how my dietary restriction would alter the whole family’s eating experience. Most of all, I was personally devastated. Never again would I eat a croissant, a crunchy fresh baguette, or my dad’s delicious pasta. For years, I struggled to find good gluten-free options to replace my beloved pasta until finally stumbling on one game-changing brand.

I’ve tried my fair share of crumbly, chalky, and sandy gluten-free alternatives, which means you could say I’m a bit of a skeptic. That is, until I found ZENB — a gluten-free pasta so good, my whole family decided to eat it with me on their own accord.

ZENB makes their pasta with only one ingredient: yellow peas. They include the husks in production, which adds more fiber and nutrition to the noodle, but also leads to a better texture. I’ll admit, I was doubtful upon reading the label. Just peas? But I guess these pasta-innovators were clued into a secret the rest of us didn’t know about, because the texture of this pasta is unparalleled in a celiac’s world. Springy and a tiny bit sticky (in a luscious, glutenous kind of way), I managed to cook my penne to al dente perfection.

The pastas come in variety packs of three, six, or ten, but you can also order a set of just one cut, like the rotini (my personal favorite). At just under $15 for a 3-pack, not only are you getting a scrumptious alternative to traditional pasta, but also a box of pasta at a killer price. No matter which assortment you do choose, you’ll be getting a bowl full of deliciousness that is GMO-free and has, on average, 10 grams more protein per serving than your average wheat-based pasta.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some gluten-loving family members who are asking me to whip up some ZENB for dinner.

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