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Martha Stewart’s interior style has been a source of inspiration for many people since she first hit the limelight some decades ago; whether it’s her innovative DIY hacks, TV shows, or best-selling homeware and lifestyle ranges, including partnering up with unexpected names like Snoop Dogg to create her BIC EZ Reach Lighter range. And while fans continue to been take notes from the design guru herself, Stewart has been reflecting on her own interior design aesthetic.

Between her several properties and her products, it’s safe to say that Stewart’s interior style leans towards the more reserved, neutral side. In her stable kitchen, she’s opted for a soft monochrome color palette, while cream, white, and beige play an important part in her much-loved Martha Stewart collections at Macy’s.

In a recent interview with Apartment Therapy, Stewart said that her design style has become more “edited and condensed” than it used to be, clearing out her space and opting for a muted color palette to achieve a tranquil look — something that is welcomed by many after a turbulent couple of years.

“I have a very elegant, old beautiful house up in Maine. I still like the old better than the brand new, but I edited a lot of what my daughter calls ‘kindling’ out of the house, so a lot of little tables and little chairs are gone.” she said. “Now it’s more serene, clean and calm than it had been before. I live more in an edited interior, but I do like to redo the upholstery, maybe get new rugs, or maybe change a wall color or two. I’m a decorator so I always change things around.

Stewart says that she used the pandemic to fully embrace change, revamping her kitchen and using the time to bring a new life into the space.

“The [COVID-19 lockdown] definitely made people change their homes. People were stuck in their houses instead of going to work everyday, so they finally paid attention to their homes and changed things,” she explains. “I’m actually sitting in a newly decorated pandemic kitchen. The cupboards and woodwork weren’t black before, the walls weren’t white, and all my beautiful copper items were not here. But when we finished, we were so happy that we had used that time to make a big change.”

And while you won’t find Stewart using ruby red or bold blue tones to brighten things up, she is a fan of coppers and metallics to bring in contrast.

“In my kitchen I use copper and brass for pops of color, which are mixed with cupboards that are painted black. It’s a really pretty kitchen and it photographs beautifully. To me it’s very important that when you stand in a room it’s versatile enough that you can take a beautiful picture if you’re in a wedding gown or if you’re in jeans.”


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